Friday Flower Fairies

Something a little different this Friday…I wanted to share a recent craft project that my fellow readers of fantasy will appreciate!  I got together with a craftier-than-I friend a little while ago and spent the afternoon making flower fairies.


These were lots of fun, but I had even more fun with my next one…bringing to life my Good Fairy Marjoram, who adores pink and sheds sparkles everywhere she goes!


Cover Reveal: The People the Fairies Forget

Today I am delighted to finally share the cover of my next novel!  And the release date: so mark your calendar for October 16th, when it will be on sale in paperback and ebook.  (Or pre-order the ebook now!)

PFF Orange Grove Cover - SmallRead the plot description here…and find out how I’m mashing up Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast…and a whole lot of sparkles.