Questing with the Once Upon a Time Challenge

If you’re a regular visitor, you probably know a couple of facts about my reading: I love fairy tales retold; and I’ve signed on for a number of reading challenges this year.

With those facts together, it seems a natural that I would jump on the Once Upon a Time reading challenge being hosted right now by Stainless Steel Droppings.  And I was intrigued when I first heard about this a month or so ago.  But I hesitated.  I had just gone on a rampage of fairy tale retellings in the previous month, and I felt I needed to explore some other books for a while.  And since this particular challenge only runs for about three months, I didn’t feel ready to commit when I wasn’t sure when I’d want to come back to the land of fairy tales.

Well…I’m feeling the fairy tale vibe again.  So I’ve decided to get on board with the challenge too!

Since the timing is different for this one, I’m going to keep it as a separate post from my others.  Also, it’s more complicated!

The Once Upon a Time Challenge has a variety of quests, and now that I decided I’m in, I decided to jump for several of them:

Quest the First: Read five books that are fantasy, fable, fairy tale or mythology.  Half of what I read is fantasy, so it would be silly not to join up for this one!

Quest the Second: Read four books, one from each category.

Quest the Third: Quest one or two, plus reading or watching A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream in June.  Love Shakespeare–so in for this.

Quest on Film: Watch any movies or TV that also tell stories fitting the categories.

The challenge runs from March 21st to June 20th, throughout spring.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

2 thoughts on “Questing with the Once Upon a Time Challenge

  1. Well I’m thrilled the fairy tale vibe grabbed hold of you again in time to participate this year. Welcome aboard! It is wonderful to have you join in with us.

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