NaNoWriMo Day 15: Halfway Point!

We’re halfway through the month, and I am happy to report that I’m halfway through the 50,000 word goal too.  A little ahead, actually, at 26,000 words, which means I’ll have time to go to my writing group tomorrow evening. 🙂

I may even be halfway through the novel.  I’m just about finished with Part One, although since Part Two (of two total) is hazy, I don’t really know how long it will be.  I had about 12,000 words going into this, so another 25-35,000 words would be a good total length.  We’ll see!

I haven’t gone off on another mad writing session like Tuesday, but I did have an interesting discussion of sorts with Maggie this evening (and no, the king didn’t kill her after my last excerpt).  I was writing her reaction to a pivotal scene without consciously thinking about it, and then realized I didn’t know why she was reacting the way she was.  So I wound up with some good character reflection as she tries to figure out what she’s feeling too.  I decided it’s not out of character after all–it’s character growth.

I don’t seem to have an excerpt to share tonight.  All the scenes from the last couple of days are somehow too interlocked and I can’t find a good bit to pull out.  So have a picture instead.

I obviously had nothing to do with taking this–it’s actually from Vera Wang’s Bridal Collection, all due copyright acknowledgment, etc.  And I cannot imagine it as a wedding dress, but never mind that.  I stumbled across this on Pinterest while looking for something completely unrelated for my job, and have become kind of obsessed in the last few days.

Because it’s Maggie.  It just is.

I have it up as my desktop, at least for the duration of November. 🙂

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