NaNoWriMo Day 8: I Have No Clever Title Today

We are just past the one week mark on NaNoWriMo…and I’m going to blame my utter inability to think of  title for this post on the NaNo novel taking all my creative energy (incidentally, it has no clever title yet either…)

But all that creative energy is going good places!  I was knocking along pretty close to the word count goal as of Friday night.  Then yesterday was Double-Up Day in the NaNo world–the official goal was either double your total word count, or double your daily word count.  I luckily (seriously, unplanned) had the day marked off for pretty much nothing but writing (and meeting a writing friend to write and discuss story ideas–so helpful, I recommend it).  SO…I successfully doubled my average-to-date daily word count yesterday for a grand 3,450 words on Saturday.  And today I’ve managed another 2,800. 🙂

Since I will be out of town all next weekend (not so good planning), this is not only good, but probably extremely necessary…

But word count aside, how are things going?  Well, I still have no idea how long this will ultimately be, I’m infodumping quite a lot, and I’m having a little trouble getting a read on Leilathya, my POV character (she’s more enthusiastic than I expected)…but I’m just running with it!  We’re moving forward in the plot–Leilathya and Aza have so far bounced into two alternate universes, and I think my next scene will probably reveal just what Aza’s looking for.  Which is exciting!  And even if I have to smooth out or make consistent the characters later, it’s all part of the process of figuring out who they are, so it’s all good.

And I do feel that something must be going right if I’m in a place where I can write the line, “calm down and stop turning green,” and it’s not even metaphorical or exaggerated.  On that note, have an excerpt. 🙂

“Oh, that’s funny.”

“What is?” I asked, quite sure that there had not been any recent jokes.

“The chronometer,” Aza said, jerking her chin toward some of the numbers on one display panel. “That’s not what time it is at home right now.”

I stared at the numbers, even though they didn’t mean anything to me. “But that’s not possible. We can’t have traveled time. Time travel is completely, mathematically, proven to be—”

“Calm down and stop turning green,” Aza said, “it’s just the local ship time. We reset it if we’re on a planet long enough for it to make sense. That’s a good sign, that must mean things are more different in this universe, if something made Mum give the order to change the clocks.”

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 8: I Have No Clever Title Today

  1. NaNo stream that other bloggers I follow have entered is playing its usual tricks: a rocky stretch, a white water section, a slow sluggish bit, the unexpected log jam … Good luck, and may it mostly be plain sailing!

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