Release Day: The Servants and the Beast

So excited to have this new book out!

Stonehenge Circle Writers

It’s here!  We’re thrilled to announce the release of The Servants and the Beast.  This very special collaborative novel was written by five of our authors, and tells the tale of the Beast in a whole new way.  Buy your copy today!

You think you know the story – prince gets cursed, girl meets Beast, they fall in love and live happily ever after. If only it was that simple. But dating is tough even in the best of circumstances.

Ever since the fateful day when we let that horrible Good Fairy into the castle, our lives have been on hold. When she turned our bad-tempered prince into a Beast, she lumped us, his loyal servants, into the curse too, just because she assumed his rude behavior was our fault. Theodore the butler should never have let her inside, and the rest of us should have helped bar the…

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