NaNoWriMo Day 1: Politics and Funerals

I kicked-off NaNoWriMo this morning around 7:15–I only wrote 54 words before needing to eat breakfast and head out the door, but it felt good to dip in.  I got down to hardcore writing later in the day, including meeting with a writer friend to do some (parallel) writing together.  And in the end, I finished the day off with 2,766 words!  That’s about 1,000 ahead of the daily goal of 1,667.

Every day won’t be like today, so it feels good to build some cushion in.  Plus I have a slightly superstitious belief that a good first day of NaNo means the rest of the month will go well too 🙂

I enjoyed diving into this next section of the story–since I’ve been revising the first two sections for the last month.  It’s exciting to move forward and see what happens next, though I have some outlining to guide me on the path I expect to follow.  You never know exactly what will happen until you get there, though!

I spent most of the day writing about the funeral of a character I killed off somewhat impulsively near the end of the previous section.  I decided I ought to make that death count, and sending my characters to the funeral introduced some interesting politics too.

Excerpt for today!  Here are the first 54 words I wrote.  In a way I’m sorry they’re the beginning of Part Three, because they might have made a nice start to a novel…

It felt very strange, attending Gregory’s funeral.  Rose tried to feel sorry that he was dead.  Wasn’t that how people were supposed to feel at funerals?  But all she could think of was how it had felt when he had kissed her.  And how his face had twisted when he tried to kill her.

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