NaNoWriMo Day 17: Surprises and Arguments

I’ve let almost a week go by without an update on NaNoWriMo!  The writing itself, however, has been going well.  I’ve crossed the 35,000 word mark, which puts me well ahead on the 50,000 word goal, and gives me a small cushion for my 60,000 word goal.  As the end of the month, with holidays and other commitments, may be tougher for writing, that’s a reassuring place to be.

I’ve had some moments of “oh, I see how that fits together,” although less this time than some NaNos, because this book is much more plotted than some of my previous ones.  My characters have still managed to occasionally surprise me though.  I just passed a new turning point in the story, and it didn’t go precisely how I expected.  Rose and Terrence had the big fight I anticipated, but when Rose decided to leave via magic mirror, I thought it would be in a permanent, I’m just so done, kind of a way.  Turned out as I wrote it that she felt she was only temporarily leaving.  That’s not how that’s going to turn out though…  🙂  But those are words still to be written.

Right now, I feel like I’ve moved through two distinct sections of the plot and am now hurtling onto the next, maybe final one?  I sketched the broad strokes in an outline before NaNoWriMo started, but I didn’t have it planned on a scene by scene level.  That’s something I’ve been doing several scenes at a time as I go, and I’m right at the point where I need to plan out my next few.  I’ll see if there are any surprises when I get to that!

But for today, have a bit of an argument.


Terrence stared at Rose for a long, silent moment.  Then he ran his hands over his face and through his hair, setting a few curls askew.  His tone turned soothing again when he said, “Edward must have reminded you of Gregory.  With the blood on his hands, and there’s always been a resemblance.”

“Yes,” she said honestly, because it was true she’d had that thought.  “But that isn’t what this is about.”

“You’ve just been through something very upsetting,” he continued.  Still soothing.  Trying to calm her down, trying to brush the ideas away.  “It’s natural that you’re scared—”

“I’m not scared, Terrence,” she said, glaring at him.  “I am angry!”

Now he just looked exasperated.  “You’re angry with Edward for rescuing you from—”

“No, I’m angry with you!”  She shoved up from the chair, not wanting to look up towards him anymore.  “I’m trying to tell you what happened, and you aren’t listening to me!”

“Rose, what do you want me to do?” he asked, spreading his hands.  “He’s my brother.”

“And I’m your wife!”

“And you don’t know.  You can’t just accuse him—”

“They’re never going to be who you want them to be,” she said, hands clenching at her sides.  “You refuse to see it, but your family is never going to change, and they aren’t who you want them to be now.  Gregory wasn’t, your father isn’t, and Edward isn’t.”

“And not everyone is trying to hurt you!” Terrence countered.  “You can’t go around believing that there are threats everywhere around you.  I understand you’ve been through a lot of terrible things.  I even understand why you might be concerned about my family, after Gregory.  I understand why you’d be scared, but—”

            “I told you,” she said in a low voice.  “I’m not scared.  And you don’t understand.  Not at all.”

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