Quotable: Social Isolation, Phantom-style

As the release of my book Nocturne approaches, I’m offering a few glimpses of the story by sharing some quotes.  Today’s quote is from one of the more famous moments, when the Phantom leads Christine through the mirror.  It’s the first time they touch, and one of the few times in the book that the Phantom touches anyone.  The Phantom’s isolation, particularly from any direct human contact, is a theme throughout the trilogy.  I wrote all this before social isolation in response to a pandemic became a present reality, and I wonder if some of it may read a bit differently now…

Look for Nocturne on June 5th in Kindle, paperback and hardback, and pre-order your Kindle copy today.

One thought on “Quotable: Social Isolation, Phantom-style

  1. I didn’t think in terms of the Phantom as living in social isolation similar to the way we all are right now. His isolation is of his own choosing, mostly, and for a much longer time than (I hope!) we will have to endure. But there are some parallels, unfortunately. Eager to read your book.

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