Accompaniment Count-Down: 4 Days

Accompaniment, the second book in my Guardian of the Opera trilogy, will be out this Friday, September 4th!  I’m counting down this week with a new quote each day.

As the sequel opens, Meg and Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, are making tentative movements towards friendship.  Madame Giry, while not exactly forbidding the idea, wants Erik to be very, very clear that he should not do anything to hurt her daughter.  Leading to today’s quote.

Catch up on the story by reading Book One, Nocturne, and the special prequel short story collection, OvertureAnd get your copy of Accompaniment on September 4th!

Coming Soon: Accompaniment (One Week Away!)

I’m counting down to the release of my next book, and Accompaniment (The Guardian of the Opera 2) will be out in one week!  The pandemic is still limiting the in-person celebrations I can do, but I’ll be posting fun quotes from the book throughout the next week, with special content on Launch Day, September 4th.

Since I can’t do an in-person launch party, I plan to create a video about the book, and do some Q&A.  So this is your chance to ask any questions about the Phantom, my sequel book, how it was written…whatever you’d like to know!  Add a question in a comment below, then come back next week for the video – and, of course, the new book.  And don’t forget, you can already pre-order Accompaniment on Kindle.

For today, here’s an excerpt from Accompaniment, Chapter Two.  Enjoy!


I was desperately nervous by the time the performance curtain closed Saturday evening.  I wished I could change out of my ballet outfit before going to Box Five, only I didn’t dare take the time.  I’d have to go to the ballet’s shared changing room, which would be a madhouse right after a performance, and I’d probably get caught by someone in conversation, and then I’d have to come all the way back to the auditorium, and by then he might have vanished.  Plus I only had forty-five minutes before Mother would contact the army and the navy and who knew what else.

So I just threw my blue cloak on over my white ballet skirt and tried to look at it logically.  If he had been paying any attention at all, he’d already seen me in this outfit countless times.  We girls ran around the Opera in our dance costumes all the time.

I separated from the other girls as we streamed out of the auditorium, and made my way to the hall outside the first-level boxes.  It was busy with guests, departing or making their way to the Foyers.  I glanced at one woman’s long silk dress with a twinge of envy.  Even if I’d had time to change into my nicest dress, it wasn’t that nice.

Never mind—he knew I was a dancer, so why shouldn’t I be dressed like one?

No one seemed to be watching me, but I still had to force myself not to be furtive as I opened the door to Box Five.  Guests would find no significance in Box Five, and all the Company knew my mother was boxkeeper here; as long as I didn’t act suspicious, no one else would be.  Inside, the box was dimly lit by one low gaslight, curtains drawn, and I leaned against the closed wooden door as my eyes adjusted.

I could see a silhouette in one of the front row seats, and my heart pounded harder.

“You actually came,” he remarked, nothing in his tone to indicate how he felt about it.

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New Release: Overture

I’m excited to share that I have a new release out!  This is a much smaller scale one than my usual book releases, which is why you’ve heard less about it…but maybe you’ve seen previous posts about the short stories I was writing as a prequel to my Phantom series?

You can now get your copy of Overture: A Phantom Prequel Collection!  Here’s a bit from the “back” of the book:

Before he was the Phantom of the Opera, Erik was an architect building the Opera Garnier, determined to make it his final work. Before she danced at the Opera, Meg Giry danced with her little sister, both dreaming of entering the ballet. Before she sang soprano onstage, Christine Daae was a girl on the beach with a red scarf, hoping to meet Raoul de Chagny. This collection of short stories explores the lives of the characters from the Phantom of the Opera before their most famous story occurred, and shares the dreams that finally brought them to the Opera Garnier.

Since this is short, it’s only available digitally.  You have two options to get your copy!

You can buy it on Amazon for just $0.99. Or you can download it on BookFunnel for free by signing up for my newsletter.  The choice is yours!

Either way, I hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the earlier lives of the characters.  I had a lot of fun writing it.  And don’t forget, Nocturne is already out, and the sequel, Accompaniment, is currently on pre-order!

Cover Reveal + Pre-Order for Accompaniment, Guardian of the Opera Book Two

It seems like Nocturne, the first book in my Guardian of the Opera trilogy, only just came out…probably because it was just six weeks ago.  But since I wrote the entire trilogy before starting to launch them, I’m very excited that Book Two, Accompaniment, will be out in less than two months!  So today I’m sharing my cover – and you can already pre-order your Kindle copy.

Before I get to the cover, here’s a bit about the book, which continues the story of the Phantom of the Opera.

After the crash of the chandelier and the disappearance of the powerful Comte de Chagny, Erik’s refuge behind the mask of the Phantom of the Opera has grown more dangerous. Commissaire Mifroid has vowed to hunt him down, in whatever depths of the Opera Garnier he hides. Grieving the departure of Christine Daaé, Erik finds it hard to care about the policeman’s threat, and a slowly growing friendship with Meg Giry seems like only a minor distraction.

When Christine left Paris, Meg thought the hole in her life could never be filled. It only makes it worse that she’s known far too much as “Christine’s friend.” But conversations with the Phantom and flirtations with a handsome gentleman in the Dance Foyer mean the chance to seek a new role—and to stop feeling like a secondary character in her own life.

The first book retold the events of the original Phantom story, so I’m looking forward to hearing what people think of how I take the story forward.  If you haven’t read Book One yet, it’s also available…and you won’t have to wait long for the continuation of the story!

That’s probably enough waiting for the cover too…

I really love that I was able to use the same model for Meg as I did for the first book’s cover – and it’s fun to have the iconic Grand Stairs of the Opera for the background too.  I design my own covers, and I actually took the photo of the Grand Stairs while visiting Paris.

I hope you’ll order your copy of Acccompaniment!

Quotable: Knowing Your Role…Maybe

My new book Nocturne is now available! If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, I’m still sharing a few glimpses of the story with some quotes.  Today’s quote reflects the Phantom’s impression of himself…you’ll have to read the book to decide if he’s right!