Launch Day: The Princess Behind Thorns (Thorns 1)

It’s launch day, and I’m so excited to share this brand new series with you!  After four years in the writing, The Princess Behind Thorns is finally available, and I hope you’re going to love this new world and characters.

You can buy your copy in Kindle, paperback or hardback.

Here’s a little more about the book:

For this princess forced under an enchantment, escaping from her spell is only the first ordeal. Claiming the throne is even more dangerous.

Princess Rose Amelia has spent a hundred years trapped in a magical garden, surrounded by walls of thorns that protect her from rescuers she never wanted. Nothing ever changes – until the spell twists to threaten her as well, and a prince finally breaks through the thorns.

Prince Terrence knows he would never be his father’s preference to inherit the throne. But he also knows his oldest brother won’t take care of their people, and rescuing the Princess Behind Thorns is the only way he can become heir. He planned on marrying her to claim the inheritance; he didn’t plan on falling in love with her.

Escaping from the magical garden and returning to court will plunge Terrence and Rose both into a deadly world of politics, intrigue and betrayals. Making a claim to the throne doesn’t guarantee it will be accepted, and deciding to marry doesn’t mean that they actually can. To protect the country and themselves, they must learn who to trust and who is an enemy – and somehow learn how to admit their feelings for each other too.

This fantasy romance, the first in a series, brings a new angle to the story of Sleeping Beauty by starting where most versions end. If you enjoy heroines finding their strength, fantasy worlds with a touch of intrigue, and slightly magical cats, you won’t want to miss the Thorns Saga.

3 thoughts on “Launch Day: The Princess Behind Thorns (Thorns 1)

  1. I’m really interested in this book – that last paragraph in your blurb really hits the spot! I’ve slid it into the P post for the A to Z Challenge, so I hope that helps. (We’re on H today).

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