Bloggiesta Update

Finishing out the weekend, here’s my update on  how I did with my blogging goals:

Clear through my half-written draft posts.  Either finish them so they’re ready to go, or decide they just weren’t meant to be and get rid of them.  Went through my drafts, dropped some and finished others.  Ruminations and Quotables are the ones who tend to get stranded in Draftland, so expect more of those in the next few weeks!

Find more cool bloggers to follow in my reader (not exactly an improvement to MY blog…but related)  I found two new blogs to add…scrolled through several others, but not much was grabbing me.  I would have liked to add more, but that’ll do–this was my low-priority goal anyway.  I’ll probably try to pick up a few more over the next few weeks.  Any recommendations are welcome!

Go through past posts to check formatting is all in order.  As a relatively new blog, I haven’t had much time for things to fall into disarray and disrepair, but it’s still worth checking to make sure that I didn’t miss any strangely arranged posts, forget to add a page break to a long Fiction Friday, or have WordPress pull a fast one on my spacing (I swear I’ve seen a neatly spaced blog post suddenly go haywire for no apparent reason).  Went through everything, glad to see nothing had gone too crazy while I wasn’t looking.  🙂

Find new Reading Challenges to join for 2011, and update my one existing one.  I had lots of fun with this one.  I really enjoyed looking at the challenges other people were doing, even if they weren’t ones I’d try myself.  I ended up adding three new challenges, and got the whole thing better organized.

Explore new places where I can add links to my blog, like directories.  I found four directories to submit to, and also found out that a lot expect you to pay.  How irritating.

Try any of the mini-challenges that look fun/useful/interesting!  I wandered through a lot of the mini-challenges.  The one I spent the most time on was a past year’s challenge about adding your link to directories.  See above!

Bonus–I updated my calendar for tracking planned posts, so I feel extra-organized and on top of things now.

This has been a fun blogging-intensive weekend!  I made some good updates, although most of what I was doing was more turned outwards, looking at other people’s blogs, rather than working on my own.  I liked that, though, since it’s made me feel more aware of, and a little more connected to, the larger blogging community–which is probably the point of these blogging events.  🙂

One thought on “Bloggiesta Update

  1. dianem57

    You are so efficient! Good to know one of my favorite bloggers is planning to stay with it and provide more posts in the future.

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