A Magical Lady Knight

I’m going to try–I really am–not to wax too enthusiastic today.  But it’s hard when I’m talking about a favorite series–when it would actually not be inaccurate to use phrases like “changed my life” and “favorite character ever.”

Am I talking about some great inspirational work?  Well…not a traditional one.  I’m talking about the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce.

The first book is Alanna: The First Adventure.  Alanna is a girl who wants to become a knight, except that girls aren’t allowed to become knights.  So she disguises herself as a boy and sets out to become one anyway.  Alanna is an incredible character.  When I was younger, I basically wanted to be her when I grew up.  She’s stubborn, determined, and incredibly brave, but also human–she makes mistakes, she has struggles, and she’s not always sure of herself.  She was my favorite character when I was a kid, out of any book I’d read.

The series has a host of memorable characters, with new ones arriving in later books as well.  A couple of favorites include Prince Jonathan, every girl’s dream of a handsome and charming prince, and George Cooper, the roguish and equally charming King of Thieves.

They all live in a world of swordplay and tournaments that is nevertheless grounded and believable–swing a sword around too long and you’ll have sore muscles.  They also live in a world of magic.  Alanna possesses the Gift, which she can use for various spells, some practical and some dramatic.  There is also an entire pantheon of gods who occasionally step into mortal affairs.

The books are funny, exciting, engaging…amazing.

And they changed my life.  I’m a firm believer that a girl can do anything a boy can do, that women have the same rights as men, and that we all ought to be equal, whether in pay rates or in who cleans the house.  I’m sure a lot of that belief comes from my parents, especially my mom, but I think reading about Alanna at a young age helped.

I also met one of my best friends because of Tamora Pierce.  We were freshmen in high school, and were both shy book-lovers.  We were in a class together, but hadn’t talked.  She was reading a Tamora Pierce book, and so was I.  I can’t remember now who talked first, but we’ve later admitted that we each noticed the other one’s book, and each took out our own book before class started in the hopes that the other one would notice and use it as an excuse to start a conversation.  She’s still one of my best friends; we’re both eagerly awaiting Tamora Pierce’s next book, promised for this February.

You may also be recalling right now that in Fiction Friday, I’ve featured some of my writing about a girl who disguised herself as a boy so that she could become a pirate.  It’s not a coincidence that my character’s name is Tamara.

Song of the Lioness is my favorite quartet by Tamora Pierce.  She’s written other books set in the same world, and many characters, Alanna included, turn up in those books.  I recommend those as well.

Much as I still love her, I don’t think I want to be Alanna anymore.  Now, I think that when I grow up, I want to be Tamora Pierce.  I don’t know anything about her personal life, but I’d like to be her from a writing perspective, at least.  🙂

Author’s Site: http://www.tamora-pierce.com/

My Tamora Pierce Collection

12 thoughts on “A Magical Lady Knight

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  2. A-ha! You have an Alanna post! She was one of my favourite characters growing up, as well. And she still is in my top five list of strong female characters. 🙂
    Tamora Pierce creates wonderful little people to inhabit her books, doesn’t she? Alanna was my favourite, obviously, but there were so many others brilliantly thought-out!

  3. ellebelle

    I’m glad to find another Tamora Pierce fan. I have loved her books for years and this summer started re-reading all of her books in hopes of reading all of them. I’m 18 books in and still loving them

    1. Nice to meet another Tamora Pierce fan too! 18 books, wow–I’ve read them all, but not in a concentrated list. The longest series I’ve ever attempted in a row was Anne of Green Gables (8). I really should reread more Tamora Pierce though…

      1. ellebelle

        I’m not really reading them all in a row. I’ve been reading other books in there when the Tamora Pierce ones I need aren’t available. I’m an avid reader and I always have a book with me so I tend to go through them fast

  4. ensign_beedrill

    Cool story about you and your friend. I actually met my best friend in middle school in much the same way… only it was with Animorphs books.

      1. ensign_beedrill

        Oh, which just got me thinking of another point about e-books! When you’re reading an e-book, other people can’t see the cover of what you’re reading. Covers can be conversation starters.

        1. I heard somewhere that publishers are worried about that aspect of e-books–they’re suddenly losing all the free advertising of one person seeing another person reading. And it’s also a shame for all those possible conversations that could be struck up…

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