NaNoWriMo Revisited

As you most likely know, I spent November working on a novel for NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month.  I finished the 50,000 word goal in November, but didn’t actually finish the novel.  So I set a new goal of 25,000 words in December, and promised to report back.

I ended up writing 26,000 words in December, finishing the goal and the novel on December 30th.  It actually was harder than the larger goal in November!  Part of that was holiday distractions; most of it was that I had blocked off November for novel-writing, and come December I had to catch up on other projects, splitting my time and attention.  I’m glad I did it this way, though.  If I had waited until, say, January to do another big push on the novel, I think I would have lost a lot of momentum.  As it was, I was able to keep going at a good rate (even if I was behind the word goal most of the month!) and use the long weekends around holidays at the end of the month to finish strong.

I really enjoyed writing a novel this quickly–it was more intense than my usual pace.  Also more exhausting!  But I got to know the characters in a different way.  I think there was less thought and more that was coming on instinct.  I guess I’ll see how that worked out when I do the revision…  I already know there are some big changes to make (like working in a character I didn’t realize needed to be there until 3/4 of the way through the book!) but I think it’s a decent first draft.

Before I revise The Twelve Dancing Princesses story (76,000 words, but I still don’t have a title…), I’m going to go back to my novel about a wandering adventurer (also title-less; it’s a problem) to do revision there.  For one thing, I need to bring some of the overlapping chapter into line with changes made while writing about the dancing princesses.

But that will probably wait until February.  If I don’t write I get depressed, so I don’t believe in fully taking time off.  However, I think I will take a month to recover from the fast pace of the last two months by doing some low-pressure writing.  I really enjoyed writing short stories for my storytelling character, so I may write more.  Or I may dip into some fanfiction, which is pretty much no-pressure, since I’m never going to publish it.

Anyway, it’s been a fun journey, and thanks for coming along.  🙂  I’ll probably share a few more excerpts from the NaNo novel for future Fiction Fridays, so stay tuned!

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Revisited

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the first draft of the Dancing Princesses story. Good for you that you kept your momentum going to push to the finish line even after NaNoWriMo officially ended.

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