Saturday Snapshot: Times Square

I went looking through my photos for Saturday Snapshot this week, and hit on a much busier photo than last week: you don’t see many daffodils in Times Square!

I love theater.  It’s something about the performance happening right there in front of you, once and never precisely the same again, more fleeting than a movie or a TV show that you could keep returning to.  I love taking trips to theater towns–that isn’t usually my reason for visiting whatever city it is, but I love when I can go somewhere with good theater.

In this picture, I love all the elements that got into a single shot–true to the busyness of Times Square!  Front and center, of course, is the Phantom sign.  I’ve seen Webber’s Phantom six times, which is why I feel I can say that every performance of a play, even the same play, really is different.  I saw it on Broadway–second best performance.

You can just see a bit of Glinda in the Wicked sign next to the giant mask.  I hadn’t seen Wicked yet when I took this picture, or I probably would have angled it differently!  I hadn’t fallen for “Defying Gravity” yet (pun intended).

On the other side of the mask is the South Pacific sign.  I saw that at Lincoln Center, with a really excellent Emile.  I already had the movie soundtrack, but I bought his “This Nearly Was Mine” on iTunes when I got home.

I also got the Palace sign–according to Me and My Gal, the Palace was the promised land of the vaudeville performers.  When you played there, you knew you had arrived.

And finally, you can see that in the city that never sleeps, McDonalds is open 24 hours a day!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Times Square

  1. Oh man. I love NYC! The last time I was there, a few years ago, we had a couple of shows lined up only to have them cancelled because of the writer’s strike 😦 I’m overdue for a revisit, I think.

    1. That would be awful! I always go through full-scale paranoia that somehow I won’t be able to get to the shows I want to see. It’s the ones that are only playing on Broadway and I only have one chance, or I’ll NEVER get to see it…I get paranoid that it somehow won’t happen.

  2. There is no place on earth like New York City. It is the capital of the world, as far as I’m concerned. And I say that even though I LOVE San Francisco, which is near to where I live. S.F. always reminds me of a smaller version of NYC. Or maybe NYC is S.F. x 10! 🙂 Great photo. (Love the 24 hours open McDonald’s. We don’t have that where I live.)

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