How to Set Up Writing as a Productive Process

Today we have a guest post from Larry Heart.  He’s sharing top tips on how to effectively manage freelance writing work, with advice for writers with broader interests too!

Writing is a rewarding experience for those who enjoy working for themselves. If you want to take up writing as a career it has many benefits. It is creative, you have the opportunity to work from home, and it is financially rewarding. However many people who take up writing do not always realize it is also a difficult occupation which needs to be properly structured if it is to be successful. We at our writing jobs site have made a little survey, where we asked our writers to share their experience. We’ve converted the most popular opinions into tips for you:

1. Organize your time: Writing takes discipline and it requires definite time frameworks. Apart from the research and the preparation of the work, you can only write so many words per minute. Then you need to proofread and edit your work. To ensure you are able to keep to the deadlines, you need to plan your time properly.

2. Organize your space: You need to have a dedicated space where you work. It does not have to be large, but it needs to be yours. You cannot write properly if you are surrounded by people and noise. You need a space that is quiet and private, where you can set up your computer and focus on your work without interruptions. It can be a dedicated room, or even a corner in your bedroom, where you can shut the door and be alone.

3. Organize your equipment: You need a computer, Microsoft Word, a desk where you can work and a chair that is comfortable. As you will spend considerable time sitting in the chair, ensure you get one that is suitable. You cannot write properly if your back aches.

4. Write what motivates you: Be reasonably selective in the tasks you accept. Try to stay within your range of interest. It is very difficult to write on a subject on which you have no knowledge. If you write within your field then you will already have a basic background of the task at hand and your research will be directed to enlighten specific points.

5. Do only one task at a time: Resist the temptation to try to write two or more tasks at the same time. This will lead to confusion. Take a task then complete it before starting on the next one.

6. Concentrate on the topic at hand: When you are busy with a task ensure you focus on it. When you are researching do not start making notes about the next task you have to write. Simply work on the one at hand as if it is the only one you have to do.

If you learn to organize and to balance your time, create a space and set a pace for your work, then you will find writing rewarding as a career and financially.

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