Saturday Snapshot: Paris Opera House

This week, I reviewed one of my very favorite books, Susan Kay’s Phantom–and I promised pictures from my recent trip to Paris!

The Paris Opera House–or as the Parisians call it, the Opera Garnier.  This was taken from somewhere far enough down the Avenue de l’Opera that you can see the dome.  I love those gold statues.  They shine so bright, even on cloudy days.

This is the famous staircase–it’s very hard to get a shot that isn’t covered in people!  Not to mention one with decent lighting…

This is, I confess, what I was mostly here to see.  Phantom fans–Box Five is the bottom tier, in the middle.  The big box closest to the stage is the Imperial Box, and the boxes farther to the right are general boxes–and not nearly as secluded as Box Five.

The famous chandelier!  Unbroken. 🙂

This is the grand foyer–unbelievably gorgeous.  And, as fully befits an Opera House where all is illusion…it’s mostly gold paint!

I know there wasn’t really a Phantom…but someone building this place was having fun with mirror tricks.

These are the front steps of the Opera House, and I feel remarkably fond of them.  You see, when you’re on a literary pilgrimage and have a hotel two blocks away, it’s a wonderful discovery to find out that you can go sit on the steps of the Paris Opera House any time you like!

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17 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Paris Opera House

  1. Wonderful! Ever since reading The Phantom of the Opera, the Opera House is one place that I long to be able to have full access to, to explore all the nooks and crannies. That would be amazing. So glad you got to visit.

  2. It is an amazing building from the outside, but I’ve never been inside – so thank you for the photos. Next time I’m in Paris I’ll try to sneak a peak inside. No Snapshot from me this week, but I’m enjoying looking at everyone else’s.

  3. I stayed just a few blocks from Opera Garnier two years ago, it’s such a wonderful building, I so loved seeing it every day, seeing that beautiful gilt in all weathers. We did a tour of the building, but sadly the auditorium was closed for rehearsals and so we didn’t get to go inside. An excuse to return! I loved the grand staircase of course, but that last photo you have of the interior was one of the most amazing rooms I thought. Glorious

  4. Absolutely amazing!! It’s so extravagant! I hope you had a wonderful trip. I don’t travel much but it feels so strange to go somewhere famous. It often looks so different and unreal.

  5. I have not been to Paris. It’s a treat for to see photos of places like the Opera House. I love the photo of the frontsteps with people relaxing after shopping.

  6. dianem57

    The gran foyer looks a lot like the grand hall at Versailles. The French really go in for intricate and lavish ornamentation – at least in that era! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  7. Gorgeous! I remember being really impressed by the Semperoper in Dresden … it, too, is a grand opera house with all the gilt and column work, chandeliers, and ornate decorations … isn’t it amazing to think about these structures being built and outfitted so elegantly? What a display of wealth!

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