Saturday Snapshot: Halloween Decorations

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I love walking around my neighborhood.  Lately, neighbors have been breaking out the Halloween decorations, so with the holiday coming up next week, I thought I’d share a few!

These horrid things live next door to me.  I don’t even dislike spiders, but knee-high creatures that suddenly appear as I come around a bush–yikes!  First there was one, but they seem to be multiplying…

This is a favorite–cute with a little ghostliness!

I like to think this is Terry Pratchett’s Death–it makes him less alarming…

This is the most horrible decoration along my walk, maybe in its very simplicity–or relative realism!  I don’t know quite why, but that skeleton gives me the creeeeps!

I’ll end on a more pleasant note with this pretty Autumn wreath.

Are you seeing Halloween decorations in your neighborhood that are fun–or scary?

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Halloween Decorations

  1. Yes, those big spiders give me the creeps.

    I love the porch on that second picture. That looks like such a great place to read, to hang out and visit with friends and neighbors. Love it!

  2. Interesting to see the decorations. Those spiders are creepy. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, although supermarkets now try to sell themed stuff.

  3. dianem57

    I like your last photo best. Since I don’t have kids at home, I skip Halloween decorations entirely and go all out for Fall, starting in late September! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday & Fall is my favorite season. It’s fun to decorate with a harvest theme.

  4. I live on a long dirt road so there are no decorations to be had … but it is pretty creepy walking the dogs at night with sounds coming from the woods and just the stars up above … sometimes the coyotes screech and chatter and that’s really creepy too! A different take on Halloween, huh?

    II like your neighborhood, though! Love the ghosty porch and I like the wreath at the front door too …

  5. You’re making me miss my….. Halloween years! As a kid, I mean.
    I was very serious about it. Just loved going up to decorated porches like yours here, and nabbing loot in its various manifestations of MUCH SUGAR!

      1. I thought I spied some wire in there and I was hoping that it wasn’t to make them move around. That would be waaaay too creepy and probably give a few people heart attacks.

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