Saturday Snapshot: Notre Dame Cathedral

During the week, I reviewed Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame–a wonderful and surprisingly complex Disney cartoon.  Naturally, for Saturday Snapshot, I thought I’d share some pictures from my visit to the cathedral last September!

Notre Dame (1)

I went in the morning, on the theory that it would be less crowded.  Contrary to what this picture suggests, this actually worked–it was even busier by the time I left.

Notre Dame 1The lighting is very bad for photos inside the cathedral, so apologies for the fuzziness–but I managed to get a shot of this lovely statue of Mary and Jesus.  And after I got home and rewatched Hunchback, I realized this is the statue Esmeralda addresses her beautiful song to, “God Help the Outcasts.”

Notre Dame (2)After seeing the inside of the cathedral, I went around the corner and got in a long line to go up in Quasi’s towers–and up many, many narrow winding steps.  Google brings back differing numbers on how many steps it is, but the majority opinion seems to be 387.  I believe it!  If you watch Hunchback, look for a scene of Quasi and Phoebus on steps that look a lot like these.

Notre Dame (3)It’s worth all the steps for the views from the top!  And definitely worth it for the gargoyles.  After all, I had to go up and see Quasi’s gargoyles. 🙂

Notre Dame (4)After I came down from the towers, I went in search of another literary/movie reference–also by Victor Hugo.  Apologies, as it’s somewhat grim…but I remembered that in the 1998 film of Les Miserables, when Javert went into the Seine there was a beautiful view of Notre Dame behind him.  So I went down to the walkway beside the Seine, and I’m pretty sure this is the spot…

Not to mention, from down there you can’t see all the crowds!

All in all, Notre Dame was wonderful to visit–a beautiful place, and then there’s all the literary references too.

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20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Oi those stairs remind me of the stairs at the Cadet Chapel at West Point where we used to go to church when I was a kid. They scared me! Old spiral stairwells like that still scare me a bit.

    And ah, Javert. 😦

  2. I’ve visited Notre Dame twice, but never made it up the stairs for the view. I joined the queue last time (which was really, really long) but after it didn’t move at all in 20 minutes we had to move on. I went back one evening when I thought it was open, but it was shut. Next year, will be the year. I always plan to read The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I’m in Paris, and yet I haven’t read it yet. Next time. Thanks for the memories.

  3. booksavvybabe

    Wonderful photos! I can not wait to see the new Les Mis when it releases later this month, maybe they will get some shots of Notre Dame… Anyhow, thank you for sharing your pictures today, I hope to see Notre Dame in person at some point 🙂 Book Savvy Babe

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