Saturday Snapshot: Gargoyles

Last week was fun, so I thought I’d come back this week with more knick-knack stories.  First, a picture that’s definitely not a knick-knack…

Gargoyle 3

These are two of Quasimodo’s gargoyles, up in the Towers of Notre Dame.  I climbed a LOT of steps last September to get a close-up view, and I think it’s entirely the fault of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame that I wanted to do it.  And it was worth every step!

Gargoyle 1After I came down all those steps, I bought a gargoyle.  If you’re ever at Notre Dame, halfway up the towers there’s a gift shop, where they helpfully tell you that they’re the only one operating in the church.  They don’t tell you that you can buy gargoyles at half the price from vendors along the Seine, which is what I did.  So I brought home my Notre Dame Gargoyle and installed him on one corner of my tallest bookcase.

And then I started to regret that I hadn’t bought two, because it felt a bit lopsided without one on each corner.  So it all worked out remarkably conveniently when I unwrapped a lumpy package at a White Elephant gift exchange on New Year’s Eve…

Gargoyle 2I could honestly tell my friends that, oddly enough, I had been wanting a small gargoyle figurine!  So now I have my Thinker Gargoyle to sit at the opposite corner of the bookcase and bring balance to this particular corner of the universe. 🙂

Have a lovely Saturday!  Visit At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots.

24 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Gargoyles

  1. What a wonderful visit up to the top of ND. I was there but it never occurred to me to go in. The next time I’ll certainly do that, and visit the gift shop, but buy the gargoyles on the Seine shops. Love your post!

  2. Lucky all of you well traveled bloggers. Makes me feel a bit like a unworldly contributor. I’ve never been to Europe, anywhere. Haven’t even been to all 48 contiguous states. Woe is me!! Ok enough of my pouting!!!,. Great photos.Love your gargoyle story.

  3. Love this story (and the view). We didn’t have long when we were in Paris so we didn’t wait in the lie to go to the top. Not sure I would have made it since I was pregnant!
    Gagrgoyles kind of creep me out though 🙂

  4. What a great post. I’m glad you got a matching gargoyle. I’ve had two trips to Paris (lucky me) but have never made it to the roof of Notre Dame. It’s not been for lack of trying though. I’ve visited Notre Dame on both visits, and last time went several times to try to get up to the roof- long nonmoving queues. I went back specifically one evening when I thought it was open, but had read the sign wrongly and it was closed. I’m going again this year (even luckier me), and this time I will make it. I will. I want to see that view. I need to see that gargoyle studded view.

  5. The one in the first picture holding his head in his hands is looking so longingly out over the city that you have to believe there is a story there. I’d love to see Charles de Lint take this image and craft a story around it.

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