Rules for Life and Fighting Monsters

I mostly write about reading around here, but writing is a very big focus for me too.  Right now, I’m finishing up a young adult fantasy novel about a wandering adventurer, which has been mentioned here and there.

One of the parts of the book I have the most fun with is Jasper’s Rules.  As a wandering adventurer, he has a long list of rules for survival.  Some are good, like Rule #19: If you’ll be better served by talking, don’t fight.  Others are universally disliked by everyone but Jasper, such as Rule #2: Never make plans.  Some are very profession-specific; Rule #20 is Never make a Good Fairy angry.

And some are in there for comic relief.  Rule #11 is Always refuse a reward the first time.  Rule #12 is Never refuse a reward the second time.

Then there’s Rule #1…which is secret.  🙂 You’ll have to read the book some day to learn that one!

I don’t have a numbered list of rules for my own life, but I do think Jasper may be on to something.  There are certainly ideas I try to remember, in a somewhat similar way.  Do it now should be fairly self-explanatory.  I’m not very good at Take nothing personally but I like it as a principle.

More a mantra than a rule, whenever things go horribly awry, I always wind up sighing and muttering, The best laid plans of mice.  If I threw and men at the end of that then I’d be quoting Robert Burns, but without the last phrase, it’s a Douglas Adams reference, and invariably makes me smile.

Do you have rules for life that you try to keep in mind?  Or do you have suggestions for rules a wandering adventurer should follow? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rules for Life and Fighting Monsters

  1. Ha, are any of the rules outright contradictory?

    Let’s see, I don’t have any numbered rules, but:
    -never pass up a chance to quote Star Trek
    -never volunteer unless you know what you’re volunteering for
    -never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line

    Probably others. I think most of us do have rules to live by, inherited from our parents or learned through experience, but we don’t keep numbered lists like Jasper.

    1. Yeah, I don’t actually know anyone with a numbered list of rules…that’s just Jasper. 🙂

      Your second one sounds like wise advice. Every so often someone asks me if I can help them with something, and I always say, “Depends–what is it?”

      And your other two rules are fun!

  2. dianem57

    I like “do it now” or its variation from Nike, “Just do it.” Easier said than done, though, when your desk is piled with all kinds of projects that all need to be done “now.” Then it’s time for triage, which I guess could be a whole other rule (how to triage & prioritize).

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