Saturday Snapshot: Paris Revisited

In reading, I am still making my way through Les Miserables.  Considering it’s a 900-page behemoth with small print, this may not surprise you!  As a result, I still have Paris on the brain…and since Marius and Cosette just fell in love, let’s run with that theme.


I’d like to say I forgot the name of this bridge, but I don’t think I ever actually knew it.  However, I did hear the tradition somewhere–couples put a lock on the bridge and throw the key into the Seine, as a sign of commitment…because the only way to open the lock and end the relationship is (theoretically) to jump into the river and find the key again.  Obviously this is an immensely popular tradition.


I wanted a close-up, so I fiddled around with the locks to get a good angle on a couple with fun names…kind of makes me wonder who Pierre and Juliette are.


If you don’t like the lock option, people have carved up all the poor trees along the Seine too.  The sheer number of hearts and initials is staggering…my environmental instincts freak out a bit, while the hopeless romantic in me just goes AWW!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be forging along through Les Mis…

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