Blog Updates!

You may have noticed (or not…) that there’s been some changes around here in the last few days.  Nothing TOO dramatic and earth-shattering, as I still have the same basic design, and the same header image.  But I decided it was (long past) time for an overhaul of my About pages and my sidebar.

So you’ll see that over there on the right-hand side, things have been cleaned up and reorganized a bit…and I finally decided to put up, well, half of a headshot!

I also have all new About the Blog and About the Blogger pages.  I wrote the old ones when I first started the blog, and while the content wasn’t exactly out-dated, it felt like time for an updated style and tone.  Regular readers probably won’t learn much that’s new…but if you do take a look, I’d love to get your thoughts on anything I should be mentioning that’s left out.  In other words, what do you like that I should tell other people about, to encourage them to read the blog too?  Which I suppose is fishing for compliments, but do be honest…

And last but not least, if you look up at the very top there, I have a new domain name!  Rather than the WordPress address, it’s now  Just so you know, in case you ever wanted to tell a friend…and if you kindly already have a link up somewhere, the old URL should still be sending people through to the new one.

I’ve rather enjoyed my overdue overhaul.  Other bloggers, do you have a plan or a habit around when to make updates?  Or do you just do it whenever the spirit moves?

4 thoughts on “Blog Updates!

  1. I like your changes! I update when the mood strikes me (like this week, when I went through my policies and took out everything that said I was still in grad school). My next update is probably going to be including my real picture.

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