Cover Designing – and a Request

Last week I announced that in November I’m publishing my YA Fantasy novel, The Wanderers.  I also promised to share the fun parts of the process!  So far, I’ve been having lots of fun playing with images to create my cover.  I’m almost done–but I want some opinions.  I’ve already run some versions past my writing group for very helpful feedback, and now I also want to hear what you lovely readers think.

Here are my two (admittedly similar) cover images:

Wanderers 4Wanderers 5Thoughts on your preferred font?  On your preferred placement for the cat?  On anything else?  Opinions greatly appreciated!  And keep an eye on the Novel News page, where I’ll be posting the finalized cover soon.

25 thoughts on “Cover Designing – and a Request

  1. The font and cat position in the second cover look better to me.

    Also, woman! I did not realise you were publishing a book. I have off-the-ball shame – but hey, if you’d like a guest post spot in which to plug your bookish goodness, my door is open to you. 😉

    1. Thanks for the feedback–and the guest post offer! I’d love to do that. Probably right around the book release would be the best time. Let me know any details on making it happen. 🙂

      And no worries on not knowing–I only announced it recently!

  2. I prefer the bottom font, because it’s easier to read. I also prefer the off-center placement of the cat (bottom photo) rather than in the middle. In the middle (top photo), he draws all the attention, and while he’s cute (and I know he’s one of the characters), the overall visual “flow” of the cover suffers somewhat. The eye goes to him and stops, instead of following a sort of circuit around the cover (which is what you want, according to my photographer dad.) On the other hand, the way the cat is tilted at the side (bottom photo) makes him seem like he’s peeking in, or like he snuck into the picture, while he looks important in the top cover. Is there a way to make him as prominent and ‘looking-straight-at-you’ as he is in the top photo, while still moving him to the right of center?

  3. Wow! I used to write novels too…but I’m kinda shy about sharing them especially to publishers coz they seem childish. Congratulations 🙂 Looking forward to reading your story. I like the second cover BTW. If the cat is in the center, it draws more attention off the path with the 2 people. I haven’t read the synopsis of your story yet so I can’t quite tell. If the cat plays a big part in the story like for example, the Princess and the Hound cover ( wherein the main protagonist turns into a hound then the cat in the middle would be appropriate but if the cat is like a secondary character like the frog in Wildwood Dancing ( then I think it would be better if he’s at the side like in the second cover.

  4. I prefer the lower font, but not by much. I simply think it fits better with the other lines in the cover. I prefer the centered cat by far and I’ll tell you why: when he’s in the center I immediately relate to him, as he is looking and connecting right towards me. I feel like I will join him and the others on this story and just fall into it. When he’s off to the side he seems more like an intruder on the others and therefore I feel more like an intruder in a story that really just belongs to them, looking at their backs, and I am therefore less personally motivated to learn what that story is.

    1. Hmm, intriguing! Thank you for such a thoughtful analysis! Tom (the cat) is part of the larger group (and the reader should be too!), so I really like your thought about which placing makes a better connection.

  5. Dennis

    There is something to be said for making the path more prominent,, as in the second picture. The path symbolizes the idea of a journey. On the other hand, the cat is much more imposing–even a tad spooky–in the center, as in the first pcture. Both are good, but I’d give the edge to the first picture. Either way: love those eyes on the cat!

  6. Either way it’ll look fantastic, but I will admit a fondness for the first font and the second image. Although I would make the cat a tad more faded, just because there’s such a huge contrast between the path and the cat. And I feel very silly referring to the cat as “the cat”, as I would think s/he has a name. In any case, I look forward to buying and reading!

  7. I like the top font and the bottom cat placement. Give that a try and see how it looks.
    When the cat is in the corner the path has a much greater perspective and it feels like it gives it a bit more depth. The font at the top feels a bit more retro so I just like it for some reason.
    Lynn 😀

  8. The second of the two is my favourite. ^-^ The cat in the corner makes the whole cover more dynamic and playful and the font you use in that one reads more smoothly in a cropped size and doesn’t look as squished together. (That seems to be simply how the first font is supposed to look, though.)

    Hope that helps! ^-^

  9. I don’t know what you’re book is about, but the first font looks more to me like what you would find on an old fantasy book, and the second what I would find on a contemporary ya romance, so I from my standpoint, I’d pick the font that more closely follows the genre.

    I’m not sure on the placement of the cat – it looks a little out of place as it’s more…vivid? than the background which has a sort of hazy feeling. I think I like the cat in the center though, now that I keep looking at it, not that I could tell you why. But that’s what I’m going with!

  10. dianem57

    I like the bottom one better. It emphasizes the couple more than the cat – unless you want to emphasize the cat. Not sure how integral he is to the story. I think the first cover looks like the cat is key to the story, but I assume “The Wanderers” are the humans in the picture. I’ll buy the book whichever cover you choose, though.

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