Imaginary Illustrations #8

It’s been a while since my last Imaginary Illustration…but today I’m bringing out another illustration for one of Jasper’s Rules for Life, from The Wanderers…

IntimidateIt’s somewhat adorable intimidation, but gotta love those fangs. 🙂

Imaginary Illustrations #7

Just because we passed Release Day for The Storyteller and Her Sisters, that doesn’t mean we’re done with Imaginary Illustrations!  Today is a quote from The Wanderers, with reference to one of the more serious moments of the book.  In the first chapter, Jasper encounters a magician.  When the magician gets angry…bad things happen.  And he has an alarming number of statues in his garden.

Never trust a magician


Novel News Galore

Wanderers Re-Issue Kindle - SmallLots of news about the novels today…

First, don’t forget The Storyteller and Her Sisters will be out this Friday. 😉

Second, I’ve released a second edition of The Wanderers.  The story is still the same, but I wanted to modify the cover slightly now that it’s first in a series (of two, but more hopefully to come).  I also added some Extras at the end: an interview, discussion questions, and a list of Jasper’s Rules.

So if you haven’t bought a copy, I like to think it’s now looking better than ever (but you can still get both on Amazon, so make sure you choose the new one!)  And if you have bought a copy, you can find all the Extras under the Novel News tab anyway…and you can tell people you own a first edition. 🙂 (And may I also add, if you’ve read it and enjoyed it, I would so appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads!)

Third, more good news if you’re thinking you’d like a Kindle copy of The Wanderers–it’s free today!  That is, October 5th.  But if you’re reading this on the 6th, don’t worry.  It’ll be free again next weekend, to celebrate the release of the second book.

That’s enough for today…but I promise a busy next couple of weeks with lots more news to come!

Imaginary Illustrations #5

Heading back to The Wanderers for this week’s Imaginary Illustration…inspired by most people’s favorite character, talking cat Tom.

Cats v. Humans

Imaginary Illustrations #3

Continuing my new blog feature, sharing quotes from my (unillustrated) books, paired with pictures.  Today it’s another quote from The Wanderers, another of my wandering adventurer’s rules for life–one which I think many heroes of fantasy novels would do well to follow!

Enchanted dwelling at nightIf the heroes in horror novels would just follow this, the bloodshed would be so reduced…

Imaginary Illustrations #1

“What is the use of a book, thought Alice, without pictures or conversations?'”
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

My books have lots and lots of conversations–but no pictures.  I’ve been thinking about more ways to share bits and pieces of my novels on my blog, so this is the first post of what I plan to be a series: sharing a quote, with a picture that captures the spirit of the words…or that just seemed like fun!  Think of them as the illustrations the book might have had.

This first one comes from The Wanderers, and from Jasper’s firm belief that a wandering adventurer needs rules to survive–so he has a numbered list.

Good Fairies

You Can Get a FREE Copy of The Wanderers!

Wanderers 8 - Small CopyIt’s not a contest…and there’s no limit to the number of copies available!

For two days, my novel The Wanderers is free as a Kindle download on Amazon!  The promotion only runs from July 27th-28th, so get your copy now.

If you already bought a copy…well, that moves you automatically into my “awesome person” category 🙂  And you can be awesome to someone else by telling a friend about the offer!  I’ll even pre-shorten the URL for you to use on Facebook or Twitter:

If you’re not already won over by the cat on the cover, find out more about The Wanderers–and you also may be interested in the companion novel that will be out in October!