Novel News: Release Date!

First of all, Happy Halloween!  I wish you lots of chocolate and the opportunity to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Or whatever your favorite Halloween movie is!

Wanderers 8 - Small CopyHalloween wishes aside, as the title suggests, the real purpose of this post is to let you know that I have a definite release date for my upcoming novel!  I’ve been promising it as “mid-November,” and that turned out to be more literal than I thought it might.  I’ve settled on a release date of November 15th.  I had to tell you so that you can mark your calendars… 😉 and so that I’m committed to it, by virtue of having told everyone!

The Wanderers is currently listed on pre-release (ebook only) through Smashwords, and on November 15th it will be available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon.

I also have to say that I am very grateful to the wonderful book blogging community, as several bloggers have kindly agreed to help me spread the word.  Along with scheduling my release date, I’m scheduling interviews, guest posts and giveaways for after the release.  I’ll keep you posted when they happen–although I highly recommend you follow all these bloggers anyway!

So far I’m making plans with…

If you have a blog and think your readers might be interested in hearing about a young adult fantasy novel, we should talk. 🙂

And I am also grateful to all of you for coming along for the ride.  The talking cat and I both thank you!

Addendum: The novel’s out!

17 thoughts on “Novel News: Release Date!

      1. Heehee, I’m just going to be a gigantic dunce now but if you can’t buy prereleases until the release date then I don’t really get it! Can somebody please take pity on my dumbass and chuck me a bone. What is Smashwords exactly??
        Thanks in advance of lots of useful info.
        Lynn 😀

        1. You’re not being a dunce!

          Smashwords is an ebook distributor. It allows you to distribute your ebook to multiple online retailers at once (at a small percentage cut per sale) as well as selling it via their own site.

          The pre-order/pre-release option is a new feature that’s still in beta-testing and it’s currently aimed at the online retailers Smashwords distributes to, so pre-ordering only works on those sites and not on Smashwords itself. (Which is something I really hope they’ll address, because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense from a customer’s perspective.)

          I hope that helps make it clearer! ^-^

          1. Thank you, Lynn! You explained it much better than I could have… I think my original mention was not very clear, so my apologies for that! And in my defense, Smashwords doesn’t articulate what it all means very clearly either… So there we have one of the bumps on the self-publishing road. 🙂

            1. *good thoughts* You’re welcome. ^-^

              Yeah. They could stand to be clearer about that. I was a bit surprised to see that the book couldn’t be pre-ordered on Smashwords itself along with the other retailers who offer it too. Since they’re apparently working on revamping their entire storefront, though, that might be a functionality they’re going to add in the redesign. I hope so. It’d work into most people’s initial expectations and make the site more intuitive if nothing else.

  1. Eeeeeee! Official release date announcement! Congratulations! <3<3<3<3 Looking forward to when your book's out! ❤ (I do want to point out that Smashwords doesn't allow you to preorder the book. I'm hoping that's a functionality they'll be adding in future.) Yaaaaaaay on release date setting! <3<3<3<3 So exciting!

    (I really should get around to updating the name of my blog…)

    1. Yeah…I guess technically it can be saved on Smashwords but not purchased yet. Or something along those lines? I’m just happy it can be posted with a scheduled release date! That’s a functionality I wish Amazon would add…

      1. Something like that. Maybe it’s something they’ll work on during the site redesign they mentioned starting to work on. It’s still only a beta feature, after all.

        And yes me too! It’s a functionality I deeply appreciate.

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