Blog Wander: Over the Effing Rainbow

Wanderers 8 - Small CopyIn case you missed it–my novel launched last Friday!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing some interviews and guest posts around the blogosphere.  I was going to call it a blog tour…until it occurred to me that my book is, after all, called The Wanderers.  So clearly this can only be called a Blog Wander!

Today we’re kicking things off with an interview with Lisa, who blogs on Over the Effing Rainbow.  Lisa is a “Scottish writer of prose-based RPG/voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy in most of its forms. Tea junkie, Dresdenphile, nail polish enthusiast, nibbler of cheese, devourer of cake.”  Couldn’t resist stealing that off her blog page.  🙂

So make some tea and head over the rainbow for an interview!

On another novel note, I sent out an email announcement over the weekend–if you didn’t receive it and would like to be added to my email list in the future for novel updates and exclusive content, please send an email to LettersToTheCat @ to get added!

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