Saturday Snapshot: Celebrity Sightings at Comic Con, Lando Edition

In my last Saturday Snapshot, I shared some photos of celebrity sightings at the Wizard World Convention.  This week I have photos of one more very exciting guest…

WizardCon (3)Billy Dee Williams, who you may recognize as Lando Calrissian from Star Wars.  Maybe it’s the influence of the Star Wars books I’ve read (more on that in a moment), but to me, Lando seems just about as exciting as anyone else in the Star Wars universe.

Billy Dee Williams is on this season of Dancing with the Stars, and his dance partner was a surprise guest.

WizardConShe dressed appropriately for the venue. 🙂

I posted once already about my souvenir from the convention, but I’ll share it again…I suspect that The Lando Calrissian Adventures contributed greatly to my excitement at seeing Billy Dee Williams, so it’s beautifully fitting that I got him to sign my copy–and it’s much more unique than an 8×10 photo!

WizardCon1One more photo from Comic Con next week…in the meantime, visit West Metro Mommy for more Saturday Snapshots!

5 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Celebrity Sightings at Comic Con, Lando Edition

  1. How cool that Billy Dee Williams dance partner surprised him! I don’t watch the show, but I did think he was one dancer I might be willing to watch.

  2. I saw the last few minutes of Dancing with the Stars this past Monday and his dance partner had the Leia buns then too! That’s neat that you had a book for him to sign!

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