Fall Reading and R.I.P.

lavinia-portraitRIP1It’s still hot where I live, but Autumn will soon be upon us…and that means it’s time for the Readers Imbibing Peril (R.I.P.) Challenge.  This is another seasonal/genre-focused reading challenge hosted by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings.  In keeping with crackling leaves and dusky breezes, this challenge focuses on horror and mystery and stories that make you shiver!

I am very late signing up this year…  The challenge began September 1st, and I only just realized it.  I get distracted for a week and see what happens!  In my defense, although I love all of Carl’s challenges, this one is a distant third.  The spring Once Upon a Time challenge?  Yeah, I may be guilty of checking for the sign-up post multiple times a day as the date approaches… 😉

Even if this one is not quite so beautifully-aligned with my favorite genres, I still always enjoy a walk on the darker side with this challenge.  And I may have been subconsciously preparing for this after all!  I just completed an Agatha Christie audiobook (finished September 3rd) and then began a listen to The Invisible Man, which strikes me as horror.  So you can expect those two reviews soon, and I also just put a Sherlock Holmes novel on reserve at the library, because I always like to get some Holmes in during this challenge.

Beyond that?  The Invisible Man has put me in the mood for old classic horror films, so I may be hunting down a few of those…  And beyond that?  I think I’ll just see how the wind blows!

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