Numbers Game: 1,000th Post

Drumroll and fanfare…according to WordPress, this is my 1,000th post on Tales of the Marvelous! 🙂  Thank you to all you faithful readers who have read 10, 100, 500 posts or even more…if I was talking into a void, I’m sure I would have stopped long ago.

1,000 posts is a LOT of words.  Today, I thought I’d give you a few numbers.  Since beginning this blog, I have posted 468 Reviews, 54 Fiction Fridays with excerpts from my writing, and 56 Blog Hops on bookish topics.  I’ve posted 29 times updating about NaNoWriMo, and 45 times to update you on my writing.  I’ve shared other people’s writing (or at least, clever sayings) with 47 Quotables.

I’ve referenced L. M. Montgomery in 65 posts, J. M. Barrie in 42, Edgar Rice Burroughs in 35, Terry Pratchett in 62 and Star Trek in 78.  I’ve referenced the Phantom of the Opera in 80 posts, including reviews of 7 different versions.

But possibly my favorite number?  All of you have left me more than 4,600 comments.  🙂  Thank you for reading, and for joining the conversation!

4 thoughts on “Numbers Game: 1,000th Post

  1. Jemima Pett

    Congratulations, Cheryl! I’m about three weeks from my 5th blogoversary, and sometime before that I’ll pass the 900 posts mark, so I know how much work you’ve put into your blog – and also how successful you’ve made it. Congratulations and well done (and sorry for being a little late).

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