Once Upon a Time Once More

out10ishere250It’s the start of spring, and you know what that means–time to return for another year of Once Upon a Time, the fantasy reading “challenge” hosted by Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings.  This is my favorite reading challenge, one that so perfectly fits my favorite genre–fantasy, with an emphasis on fairy tales!

In keeping with the laid-back nature of this challenge (and the general busy-ness of my life in the last few weeks!) I don’t have particular plans…but I’m sure I’ll find my way into plenty of challenge appropriate books.  I’m reading a fantasy right now and have three more on my stack, so…

I love two-for reads, so I’ll be checking the Newbery list for any fantasies, and if you know of a magic-based parallel universe story (I think it’s been all sci fi so far) or a good fantasy with a non-Caucasian protagonist, let me know!

Are you joining the challenge?  Do you have fairylands you plan to explore? And did I mention I’ve written three fairy tale retellings, if you need ideas? 🙂

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