Stonehenge Story Starts: The Elevator (Results)

Over on my writing group blog, we’ve been doing a weekly writing prompt. We got some very fun results (including one from me) to last week’s prompt.

Stonehenge Circle Writers

We hope you’ve had a good week of writing!  It’s time to see what our writers came up with for this week’s prompt.

The prompt this week was: Two strangers are trapped in a stuck elevator.  Try to write in a specific genre.

Three of our writers came up with stories this week, mostly slanting towards the urban fantasy/horror direction…


Kelly Haworth:

I checked my watch. Yeah, it had been thirty minutes now, and I was still stuck in a damn elevator. My involuntary companion, a man with long dark hair and a black coat, leaned against the wall across from me staring at his phone.  After pressing the elevator’s help button and calling the front desk of this New York skyscraper, he hadn’t said a word and just stood there.

It really annoyed me.

I tried, yet again, to engage in conversation with him. “You’d think they’d have…

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One thought on “Stonehenge Story Starts: The Elevator (Results)

  1. I like how all three of you came up with such different takes on the same prompt. Very inventive! I take stairs whenever possible (for exercise and because I hate waiting for very slow elevators). These stories have reinforced my habit. 🙂

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