Coming June 28th: The Servants and the Beast

I’ve posted here before about the Beauty and the Beast collaboration I’ve been involved in recently, and now I’m very excited to share that the book will be out at the end of this month!

Stonehenge Circle Writers

We’re delighted to announce an upcoming release from Stonehenge Circle Press: The Servants and the Beast, a collaboration of five of our writers.

The Servants and the Beast is a 35,000 word novella written by Karen Blakely, R. A. Gates, Kelly Haworth, Jenniffer Lee and Cheryl Mahoney.  Retelling the story of the Beauty and the Beast from a new perspective, with more than one twist, we’re excited about sharing this very special story with you.

For now, you can already add it to your “To-Read” list on Goodreads.  We’ll be sharing much more over the next few weeks (including the gorgeous cover) and look for the book to be available for purchase June 28th.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s the back of the book blurb to tell you a little more.

You think you know the story – prince gets cursed, girl meets Beast, they fall in love…

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