Writing Update (June, 2022)

Writing has been less intense since last month, with the unexpected novel I ended up drafting!  My focus has been spread out to a few different projects ever since.  I made some revision notes for future reference for that unexpected novel, which may end up being Book 3 in my growing Thorns series (or possibly Book 4…)

After that I worked on some revisions for Thorns 2, which I did a full first draft on a couple of years ago – but I wanted to substantially rewrite the last several chapters.  So I did some of that work, made more notes for the future, and decided I was better off holding on that until I did more final revisions on Thorns 1.

Which brings me to what I’m currently working on – my beta-readers returned feedback to me recently for Thorns 1, so in the past week I’ve begun sifting through that for revising.  So I have one book in Stage 3 revisions, another in Stage 2 revisions, and a third that’s drafted and waiting for Stage 1 revisions, all within the same series.  Oh, and I have ideas for an additional two books in the series, probably Books 3 and 5, but I haven’t actually started writing them.  It’s gotten complicated!

I also haven’t forgotten about my Phantom/WWII story, which is currently sitting at about 80% of a first draft.  I still want to get back to that within the next couple months.

Things are all moving in one way or another, so while it’s a bit of a juggling act, it’s nice to have a number of interesting projects.  And hopefully I’ll have more to share with you soon!

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