Writing Update (October, 2022)

This will be a short update this month, and mostly an announcement of things ahead!

I spent September outlining the next two books I plan to write, Books 3 and 5 in my Thorns series, and I’m excited about both of them.  I’m hoping the more extensive outlining will help me stay focused and make the actual drafting go more smoothly.  In between outlining, I played with some writing prompts – I wrote 15 brief pieces in response to prompts, mostly using them to go deeper into the characters from my series – which may also help in writing the next two books.

This month I’ve been going through The Princess Behind Thorns (Thorns 1) for what I hope is the final revision pass!  Mostly small changes at this point, though I may rearrange a couple of chapters…  Either way, that’s nearing completion after almost four years (!)

And that brings me to things ahead – we are fast approaching November, which around here means National Novel Writing Month!  I’m planning to attempt NaNo again this year, for my ninth time.  I have a toddler now, which may make things more challenging than in past years, but we’ll see how far I can get.  I plan to write Thorns 3, and am very excited to dive into the story.  Come back in November to see how it’s going!

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