Stories About Pursuing Your Dreams

Something a bit different today.  A big theme that tends to come up in my writing is pursuing your dreams.  I like that in books I read too, and today’s book is all about that.  Living the Life of My Dreams, compiled by Caryn Fitzgerald, shares stories from 30 people who have pursued their dreams.  It’s a bit different, in that it’s not young adult, or even fiction.  It’s thirty essays from real people sharing about their lives.

It’s not my normal genre, but it’s showing up here because I was slightly involved in the creation of it.  As is mentioned a few times around here, in my day job I work for UniversalGiving.  My boss, Pamela Hawley, is one of the people who contributed an essay to the book, and I was involved in putting that together.  I’ve also been coordinating with Caryn about the launch of the book.  She asked if we knew any bloggers who would review it.  Well, it so happens, if you need a book review blogger…

So yes, I’m probably a little biased when it comes to Pamela’s essay!  But I’m less biased about everyone else.  Caryn sent me an advance copy of the book, and I’ve been reading through the essays.  It’s very interesting in that you can see the many different writing styles and voices that went into this, since each essay was contributed by a different person.  Some follow a set of questions Caryn provided, others are reflections.

There are many very different stories, but most follow a path of not liking the life they were in, making changes, and finding a new, more rewarding direction.  There are a lot of entrepreneurs, and a lot of writers (which I guess makes sense, when you’re asking people to write an essay!)  I love seeing the many different ways people find greater fulfillment–traveling, writing, starting a craft business, helping others, spreading a cause…  I think the two main messages I take from this book is that you can always change your life, and that there’s no one path to happiness.

This is presently published as an ebook, and you can find it online here–it comes out today.  If you enjoy stories about pursuing dreams, it’s a good read.

One thought on “Stories About Pursuing Your Dreams

  1. Diane

    This looks like something that would be very inspirational for anyone who wants to make big changes in their life. If the essayists give some “how to’s” in their writings, so much the better as guidance for their readers.

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