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Classic Review: The Ashwater Experiment

I thought I’d look back at an old review this week, and found this one on a very good YA book I ought to reread!  A fascinating premise with such good characters, I’ve read it several times and always found … Continue reading

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Classic Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Today happens to be Shakespeare’s birthday (if you’re a Stratfordian, which I am) and so it seems appropriate to bring out this long ago review of my favorite Shakespearean comedy! My love affair with the Bard goes back to high … Continue reading

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Book and TV Review: Father Brown

I’ve been watching the TV series Father Brown (a BBC series, available on Netflix) for many months now, and it’s quite delightful.  I thought I’d try the original stories, written by G. K. Chesterton, and got The Innocence of Father … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

I missed last year’s Murder on the Orient Express in theaters, so when I saw it at Redbox while waiting in a long line at the grocery store, the same day I was having a monthly movie night with friends–well, … Continue reading

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Book Review: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I first heard of this book many, many years ago, and it sounded intriguing.  I had the title wrong, though–until I actually picked it up off a library shelf, I always thought it was Why Bad Things Happen to Good … Continue reading

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