A Pratchett Proposal

In my recent posts about Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series (here and here), I noticed a smattering of comments along the lines of “I’d really like to read more/start reading Discworld.”  Now, I’m always up for reading more Discworld myself, so I thought…what if we made it a group effort?  I’ve also been thinking for a while that there’s going to be a hole in my book-life when the Once Upon a Time challenge ends June 20th, and this could be the perfect solution!

So here’s the proposal: how about spending part of the summer with Terry Pratchett?  I’m thinking this would run June 1st to August 31st (so you could even do a two-for-one in June, with the OUaT challenge).  It would be totally low pressure, low requirement, high fun…all you have to do is read something from Discworld (and if you really want to read a different Pratchett book, that’s cool too) and then tell us about it.  If you have a blog and want to share a review, great–if not, you could just leave a comment (I’ll set up a post for that).

I thought we could do a group-read if there was interest in a particular book.  And of course you’re welcome to dive in absolutely anywhere you want with Discworld (though I don’t recommend starting with any of the first three).

This post is really just to gauge interest, and see if enough people want to jump in for it to make sense to hold a Pratchett Experience (that “challenge” word is far too intimidating for such fun books!)  So…if you’re interested, leave a comment and let me know!  Vote in the poll below if you’d like to get into a group read.  And if it turns out some people are interested in reading Pratchett this summer, I’ll post something official at the beginning of June.

17 thoughts on “A Pratchett Proposal

  1. I’m one of those that commented about not being able to get into Discworld. I bought the first three books because I thought the beginning would be a good place to start, but I guess not. So, I would be up for a group read on one of the suggested books.

  2. Depending on the time I may not participate in the group read, but as I said earlier, I’m definitely in for reading Pratchett as part of this experience. Once you have some more details solidified let me know and I’ll post about it on my blog for you.

    1. I know what awesome readers you have, so that would be amazing! Thank you! I’m seeing enough interest already that I think we’re definitely a go for the challenge; I’ll figure out the details in the next week or two, with a launch post on June 1st. And happy to have you participate however you want to. 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Yes! Count me in! I just picked up 5 Pratchett’s over the weekend so this works perfectly 🙂 And I’m hoping for more votes for a Guards! Guards! group read since 1) I’ve already read Going Postal and 2) Guards! Guards! was one of the books I got lol

  4. Count me in. I pulled Thud! up just the other day and started reading it but am going to have to set it aside for a few weeks to do other reading.

  5. I am taking part in the Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge 2012 so am up for anything else that encourages me to get back into the Discworld as well 🙂
    Just finished reading The Last Hero will have my review of it up next week.

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