Saturday Snapshot: Words of the Prophets

Today, another couple of shots from my New York trip…photos no doubt less popular with the tourist industry than my museum photos.  But I actually got absurdly excited to see graffiti in a subway station.  It’s because of that Simon and Garfunkel song.  You know…

The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls.

Tenement halls…

…whisper in the sounds–of silence.

Surely I’m not the only one who takes very odd photos on vacations sometimes?  🙂  What’s the most random thing you ever photographed…and why?

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25 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Words of the Prophets

  1. ensign_beedrill

    I think I’ve tried to post a picture in comments before, but it didn’t work, so here’s a link.

    Not completely random but… who knew the Phantom had a personal box at Baylor Ballpark?

    I also have a weird penchant for taking photos of stadium lights.

  2. You are a traveler after my own heart. I often take “odd” pictures just like this on vacation. I’m a fan of architecture and the texture of old buildings and run down areas appeals to me in odd ways. Perhaps that is why I am so fond of London Below in Neverwhere. On one of our annual anniversary trips to the small river town of Hermann, Missouri, I took pictures of old rusty things. A huge rusty chain that used to be used to moor boats along the river, an old rusty farming machine from the 1800’s. I even took some close up photos of the patina of a rusty iron bridge.

  3. brilliant combination of words and images – is there a way you could have added a sound track to your post? Is that possible? I was so busy photographing the mosaic patterns in the subway when i was in NYC that I missed taking any photos of the graffitti. I loved the water towers in New York and now find myself photographing water towers and windmills wherever I travel.

  4. I have an entire folder full of random pictures that I took one afternoon in NYC, and one of my favorites was of some of those newspaper holder things you find by bus stops.
    Love the Simon & Garfunkel reference btw… they’re one of my favorite music groups of all time.

  5. There are much more interesting than the typical tourist photos. I’m always taking random shots of anything that catches my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever captured graffiti though!

  6. Simon and Garfunkel, gotta love ’em! I don’t think photographing old things (or ugly things, or things that “would be less popular with the tourist industry”) is odd; it’s always a part of where you are, and is often just as important as the pretty stuff. 🙂

    Hm, weirdest thing I ever photographed…probably some of the meals I ate while traveling in Europe.

  7. I once took a picture of my husband in the London Underground and it was not until we got home and developed the photos that we realized he was standing in front of a group of Elizabethan persons … Shakespeare et al … it was the strangest juxtaposition!

  8. I can’t think of odd photos that I like to take – but I take WAY too many photos of just about everything! I’ll take 10 pictures of the same thing just to make sure it comes out right.

  9. Sometimes I photograph odd things on accident (especially when snapping photos in moving cars). I take a lot of plant photos, and once ended up with about a dozen photos of some sort off moss/lichen that was growing in the sidewalk. None of them turned out well.

  10. I love that song and your first picture is arresting. Ominous.

    Hmm, if I’ve taken random photos I can’t think of them now. I do like pictures of patterns, geometric shapes, that kind of thing.

  11. Cute or weird toilets, I have a few of those shots. And candid shots of people with very odd hairstyles or hats. I wouldn’t share them online, but we have a few of those in our albums.

  12. Random shots can be revealing like your shots. I like to take random photos of fences especially when they have shadows.
    Grafitti is popular everywhere it seems.

  13. I love that song. It’s stuck in my head now. 🙂
    I take pictures of park benches and street lamps. I hadn’t noticed until a friend pointed out that I had a whole collection of them!

  14. Cheryl,
    I took a very similar photo to the apartment building you posted when I was in Chicago. I looked out my hotel window across to a beautiful red brick apartment building where people had put out plants and chairs, and I loved it!

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