Saturday Snapshot: Fluffball Ducklings

We’re heading towards summer, but I don’t think it’s too late yet for some spring duckling photos…  These adorable balls of fluff lived at my favorite park last year (they may still live there, though I don’t know who’s who among the ducks).  I haven’t got out with a camera to capture this year’s flock, but I didn’t think you’d mind getting last year’s ducklings!

This single-mother duck was busy herding half-a-dozen ducklings around.  Being a duck mother looks exhausting!

I loved it when a duckling would wander off too far, suddenly realize it, and go skittering back to mom.

Two-parent family at this end of the pond…

More fluffballs!

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23 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Fluffball Ducklings

  1. Adorable little ducklings. And you have Wood Ducks on your pond! Those are so pretty. That reminds me I need to make a trip to my local pond and see if there are any little ones yet.

  2. One time I watched the ducks I notice that the mother duck has a certain easy way of gathering the small ducklings togther if they got separated.
    Monet did not have a pond with ducks and ducklings; we didn’t have an opportunity to know how he will paint them.

  3. We had two mother ducks lay their eggs in our parking lot at work right before the semester ended!! Then, they would traipse back and forth right through traffic to get to their nests every day and then back to the lake…reminded me of the Robert McCloskey children’s story Make Way for Ducklings 🙂

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