Saturday Snapshot: Random London

I’ve had London on my mind quite a bit lately, probably because I’m going there in September!  I’ve been loving all the Paris photos that have been turning up in Saturday Snapshot this month, but I thought I’d represent the other side of the Channel today.  I have lots of photos from my last trip, and I could give you all my beautiful landmark photos–and maybe I will another week–but today I feel like giving you the random ones instead. 🙂

These statues are at the British Museum, and are just begging to be captioned, “If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs…”  With thanks to Rudyard Kipling!

This is a book vending machine, which just seems like a fantastic idea–not so much for the convenience (you can buy books lots of places) but for the mindset of it.  Why shouldn’t books be as readily accessible as unhealthy food?

I’m a fan of the Running Green Man.  That’s what I call him, and he shows up on signs here and there.  Stick figures in America are always walking so sedately.  All this fellow is trying to indicate is the direction of the exit, but he seems to be heading towards it at full-tilt.

I think I’ll make that my exit for the day too.  Head over to At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots!

25 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Random London

  1. OK… I kind of love funny stick figure signs.

    Hang on a second. You’re going to London in September. You said you were going to see Les Mis in September. Are you… are you going to see it in London? I’m crying.

        1. Far enough from San Francisco that it would be possible but not easy. I really should have got some friends organized to go see it in SF, but…I heard a rumor six months ago that they were coming and then never thought of it again! S’okay, I have theater tickets for London, and there’s that movie coming out…

  2. Thanks for the London shots. Of course the world’s attention will shift to London later in the week. How wonderful to have a trip to look forward to soon.

  3. dianem57

    Love the book vending machine. Why don’t we have those here? (At least in major metropolitan cities – I could see one easily fitting in at Grand Central Station in NY City!) 🙂

  4. See, I think I would buy a book from that vending machine just because it is not something we can do here… And probably do like a photo story of the process. 🙂

  5. That’s a great caption! Are those the Elgin Marbles? I kept meaning to go see them but always got distracted among the Mesopotamians and Egyptians!

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