Blog Hop: Finding Book Blogging

I’m participating in the Book Blogger Hop again this week, which invites book bloggers to answer a bookish question and visit each other’s blogs.  Hosted at Knitting and Sundries this week, here’s today’s question:

How did you find out about book blogging and what made you decide to start one yourself?

This is a funny one, because I don’t feel like there was a point when I found out about book blogging as a thing.  I’d been involved in my company’s blog in the past, so I’d done some writing and knew how to use WordPress.  I toyed with the idea of starting my own blog for a while, but didn’t know what I wanted to write about.  I needed a topic that I knew I could generate ideas around for a long time, and eventually it occurred to me that, considering how much I read, book reviews were probably a good direction to go…

I didn’t actually read book blogs before I started my own, which maybe is odd…but it never really occurred to me that it was a thing.  I suppose I assumed that other people had the same kind of idea and that there was probably a blog community of sorts, but it wasn’t until I started writing myself that I explored that community.  And then I was lucky, because I started right around the Cybils, and lots of blogs were linking to the blogs that were judging the awards…which gave me ready-made lists of bloggers focusing on the same genres I was interested in.

Since then, I shake-up the list of blogs in my reader every so often.  I love finding new blogs that old favorites are linking to, or by participating in blogging events.

I know lots of my readers are also book bloggers–how did you get started?

About cherylmahoney

I'm a book review blogger and Fantasy writer. I have published three novels, The Wanderers; The Storyteller and Her Sisters; and The People the Fairies Forget. All can be found on Amazon as an ebook and paperback. In my day job, I'm the Marketing Specialist for Yolo Hospice. Find me on Twitter (@MarvelousTales) and GoodReads (MarvelousTales).
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5 Responses to Blog Hop: Finding Book Blogging

  1. I started blogging when I left university and found myself un-employed. A very close friend recommended it as a way to keep writing and keep myself sane but I didn’t really want to just write about me like she did. So I went with my favourite hobby – reading! Like you until I started book blogging myself I didn’t realise how big the community was!

  2. You are the second person I saw today review this book-Cecilia Bedilia also reviewed it.

  3. Gigi Ann says:

    Sorry the other comment sends you to my Poetry blog.

  4. Gigi Ann says:

    It has been interesting today reading how we each got into the book blogging world. I really didn’t know there was a book blogging world out there, I just started my reading corner to more or less keep track of what I had read. Next thing I know people are visiting and leaving comments.

    Happy Reading Week-end.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Nice post…thanks for your story.

    Stop by my blog if you like for “my” story. 🙂

    Book Bloggers are the BEST!!

    Silver’s Reviews

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