Blog Hop: First Impressions


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is: What draws you in more: the book’s title, the book’s cover, or the summary on the back cover?

This is an interesting and slightly shifting question – when I used to find most of my books by browsing the library, I would have seen the title first.  Most books are on the shelves so only their spines show, meaning it’s only the title that led me to pick it up and look at the cover and summary.

When I was getting most of my book reading ideas from reading book blogs, I feel like it was the summary, or what the bloggers said about the book, that drew me in.  I don’t recall focusing on titles or covers as much when I was reading blog posts.

Most recently I’ve been reading lots of books off my To Be Read list, which mostly got there because I heard about a particular book…somehow.  A lot were suggestions that weren’t ultimately chosen at my book club, some (non-fiction, mostly) were referenced by other books, some are recommended by friends or someone I know online.  So in all those cases, it’s mostly something about the plot (which would be in the summary) that led me into reading them.

Ultimately it is mostly the summary that gets me to actually read a book – even when I was browsing, I’d look at a title, then a cover, then the summary.  Though frequently I’d only read half a summary before making a decision – I really wanted it to hook me immediately!

What draws you to read a book?  The title, the cover, the summary, or even something else?

Blog Hop: So Many Books – Where Was the Time?


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:   Do you look at your shelves and stacks of books and wonder how you have ever read so many books?

I don’t wonder precisely that, but I guess I do wonder similar things.  I get most of my books from the library, so I know that the books on my own personal shelves (700 or so) are only a fraction of the total books I’ve read.  I’ve read daily for as long as I can remember, so the total number doesn’t feel shockingly high to me.  Or maybe it’s just that I’ve done enough math to get used to the idea.

Since I feel like I rarely buy books, I do sometimes wonder how I amassed as many as I own!  Some I’ve had for twenty years, though, and there have been some notable trips to library book sales that brought home a dozen books, so I guess it’s added up over time.

I also sometimes wonder how I would ever have time to reread all the books I own, if I wanted to, because there are so many other new books in the world.  I feel vaguely as though I reread most beloved books every several years, but mathematically, it would probably take me five years of nothing but rereading to get through my collection…so, yeah, there are some books I’ve owned and not reread for a long time!  But perhaps someday – that’s why I bought them, after all.

Does it sometimes surprise you how many books you’ve read, or how many you own?

Blog Hop: Support Your Local Library


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  How often do you visit your local library?

For years and years I had a weekly library habit – often visiting the library every Saturday morning.  Then my life got busier in the past few years and my reading reduced somewhat, and it became more of an every-few-weeks thing.

Then a pandemic happened.  I stocked up on books a few days before the libraries were closed, because I figured that was coming, and for a couple months there were no library visits at all.  Now I’m back to something more like normalcy, at least with frequency – I visit every few weeks for “curbside pickup.”  In fact, that’s on my to-do list for this afternoon…

How about you?  Do you visit your local library often?  Has it changed over time?

Blog Hop: Have Books, Will Travel


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  Do you bring along books when you go on a vacation?

ALWAYS!  Going on vacation is the one time I regret not having an e-reader…but it only comes up once every year or two, so I just haul along books and make the best of it.  I love having something to read with me, and depending on the length of the vacation and the specific plans, I may bring five or six books!

I went to England twice for two-week vacations, and traveled alone.  I brought along several books and read through most of them.  I try to theme my reading to the place I’m going, if I can, so I brought several books set in London, and it really did add something.  It’s awesome to read Sherlock Holmes and visit Baker Street!

I always bring and read The Little White Bird, or Adventures in Kensington Gardens by J. M. Barrie when I go to London.  I stay at a hotel near the Gardens and try to go daily, and reading Barrie’s delightful book puts me so in the mood and adds to the Gardens’ charms.

I do try to make some concessions to practicality, and have been known to choose paperbacks over hardbacks, and small light books over big heavy ones while traveling.  But it’s always been well-worth it to me to bring along books on vacation.  I can’t imagine leaving home for any meaningful period of time without bringing something to read!

Blog Hop: Popular, Yet Disappointing


Today’s Book Blogger Hop question is:  What books got a lot of hype but were a disappointment for you?

There’s definitely been some books that were super popular that I really disliked…and I always feel a little weird criticizing them, to be honest!  It’s a little harder to say “this is a terribly written book” when the cover says “10 million copies sold” or whatever!  But there have still been some that seemed to work for a lot of people but not at all for me.

The first to come to mind was Wicked by Gregory Maguire, which had  “massive number of copies sold” on the cover.  And I…really disliked it.  I found the characters unappealing, the attempt to be shocking kind of bothersome, and the ending especially disappointing.  The musical, on the other hand, is a wonderful delight!

I was quite disappointed by Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist.  I mean, Carrie Fisher’s memoir of being in Star Wars – that sounded amazing!  But it turned out to be more about her affair with Harrison Ford than it was about, well, Star Wars, and that was disappointing.  I still think she was awesome, but this was not the book for me.

I heard about Stephen King’s memoir/writing advice book, On Writing, from a lot of people, particularly other writers, before I finally picked it up.  I ended up skimming great pieces of it, because it was so much about his writing, which I haven’t read (not being a horror reader).  I suppose I should have taken the “memoir” part of the description more seriously.  If I was a King fan, I acknowledge that this probably would have gone better.

Three seems like enough books to criticize in one day. 🙂  Have you read a very popular book that you found disappointing?  I suspect it’s happened to us all…