Saturday Snapshot: The Louvre

I still have lots of travel photos I haven’t shared yet.  Thought I’d get away from the fall colors this week and share some trip photos instead…and for some reason I’m in the mood for artwork.  Let’s tour the Louvre.

The Louvre is known for having a few very famous pieces of art.  Of the famous ones, Winged Victory was my favorite.  I took a lot of shots, but I like this one best–looking as though she’s about to take flight.

Pardon the slight fuzziness of the Venus de Milo–only shot I could get without hordes of people in the frame!

The Louvre is a complete labyrinth (I got SO lost) but they do have helpful signs pointing you to the main attractions.  I guess they know what people are looking for!

And sure enough…here’s where everyone is!  That’s the Mona Lisa way off across the crowd.  To be honest, as a painting it’s never really spoken to me.  But I was very entertained by the masses clustered around.  I wish I could have captured the forest of arms holding up camera phones–it looked like a rock concert!

I hope you enjoyed the Louvre.  🙂  Visit At Home with Books for more Saturday Snapshots.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: The Louvre

  1. Brona

    I was there in 1991 – pre-mobile phone era! The guards were very militant about people taking photos – you were not allowed at all!! Times have changed 🙂 although the crowds in front of the Mona Lisa have not!!

  2. dianem57

    I much prefer the painting on the opposite wall from the Mona Lisa, in the same room – Veronese’s “The Wedding Feast at Cana.” I’ve heard it’s the largest painting housed in the Louvre. It’s certainly easier to examine than the Mona Lisa since everybody in the room is there to try to get close to the more famous work! I like how you captured the crowd scene in there. That’s pretty typical.

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