Saturday Snapshot: Teatime

It’s raining all this weekend.  I thought about sharing rain pictures, but found out that it’s not so easy to photograph rain.  But rain makes me want to curl up somewhere cozy and drink tea, so I thought I’d share tea pictures–particularly fun tea pictures, from my London trip.

Tea at the Orangerie (4)This is the Orangerie in Kensington Gardens.  If you’re ever there, it’s off the Broad Walk near Kensington Palace.  They’re known for their excellent afternoon teas–two different friends who had lived in London recommended them to me!

Tea at the Orangerie (5)

This was my experience of tea–not actually the fancy version, which they serve on a pretty tiered tray and has cakes and sandwiches and enormous amounts of food.  But I wasn’t that hungry and they kindly let me just have very tasty tea and scones, even though the option wasn’t on the menu.

Tea at the Orangerie (3)

This is the view from the Orangerie’s patio.  Somewhere beyond that path is Kensington Palace.

Tea at the Orangerie (1)I also had breakfast at the Orangerie another day–the eggs tasted better than they look in the picture!  That day I ate inside, and got this picture…

Tea at the Orangerie (2)It’s a beautiful place–and not as busy Sunday mornings as it is for afternoon tea.  If you’re in Kensington Gardens (where you MUST go if you have any interest in Peter Pan), then the Orangerie is an excellent place for a very charming breakfast or tea!

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20 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Teatime

  1. What a lovely spot! We, too, loved Kensington Gardens and spent quite a while poking about and admiring the Peter Pan sculpture! Such detail! I wish we’d thought to stop for tea at The Orangerie!

  2. You’re right…it is hard to capture rain…I’ve seen some gorgeous shots of rain, but never seem to get it just right.

    Love the idea of photographing tea, though. Now I want to go to one of those little restaurants where they serve the tea and sandwiches.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  3. What fun! I’ve been to London three times (albeit briefly), and missed Kensington Gardens all three times. I will put it on my list of must-sees for next time!

  4. Rain, tea, a cozy spot to read a book, London … it’s all good! Gosh what I wouldn’t give to get myself back to London someday. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. How very elegant! There’s a place in Birmingham where you can book for afternoon tea, but I don’t think the surroundings are as sumptuous as that – my elder daughter took my younger daughter for her birthday and they had had posh cakes, sandwiches and scones! My Snapshot is at

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