2013 Reading Challenges!

We’re coming in towards the end of the year, and I’ll be posting in a couple weeks about challenge results for 2012 (must finish those last Garth Nix books…!)  Today, I’m already looking ahead to 2013–which may account for my frantic efforts to finish up 2012 goals, to clear the field for next year.

I’m trying (really!) to rein in my challenge commitments for 2013, and that’s mostly down to Challenge #1…

The Chunkster Challenge

I have a fear of long books.  Well, not a fear exactly, but there are definitely books I want to read but have put off picking up because of their size.  The logic goes something like this…if it takes me three times as long to read this book as an average book, then that’s two less books I’m reading.  And there are so MANY books to read!  So, I’m trying to reduce challenges to help me fight that issue.  And I’m joining the Chunkster Challenge…which is an annual challenge that hasn’t been posted for 2013 yet, but should be soon.

If the levels are the same again this year, I plan to officially commit to Level 2, reading 6 Chunksters, mostly because the other reading levels get more complicated in terms of length-requirements.  Privately, I’m hoping to read, or at least try, a Chunkster each month, to finally tackle some long and long-waiting books.  My rule is that if I read 100 pages and hate it, I can drop it guilt-free.  And let’s be honest…I have that rule because I plan to tackle Lord of the Rings and I’m not sure how that will go!  But I think the first book on my Chunkster list will probably be Les Miserables.  After that…we’ll see.


Finishing the Series

I’m joining in with the Finishing the Series challenge at Socrates’ Book Reviews for another year.  This past year, I’ve finished…well, stay tuned for my 2012 Challenge update (but it’s over ten series!)  I still have a few lingering series that I want to continue to finish up, but the scope will be much reduced (see “Chunkster Challenge” above).  I’m setting the goal at three series to finish (or catch up with, if they’re still being written), and I define a series as three or more books.

Books to Reread

Revisiting Old Friends

I have far too many beloved books on my shelves that I haven’t opened in years.  I feel like I’ve been failing to stay in touch with dear friends.  So, one of my goals for the year is to reread.  I haven’t been able to find a challenge with this focus for 2013 (if you know of one, let me know!) but I thought I’d state it as a goal here anyway.  The picture shows some of the books I hope to reread…

Stainless Steel Droppings: Carl’s “Experiences”

Some of my favorite blogging experiences have involved the reading Experiences Carl hosts throughout the year.  There’s the Science Fiction Experience in January and February, the Once Upon a Time Challenge in the spring, and Readers Imbibing Peril in the fall.  I will definitely be participating again.  Keep an eye out for a more detailed Sci Fi Experience post soon.

I think that covers my plans as of now…I’m super excited to dive in!  I’ll have an update for you on 2012 Challenges before the end of the year, and of course I hope you’ll come by throughout 2013 for updates on my new challenges!

7 thoughts on “2013 Reading Challenges!

  1. Looks like a good slate! Chunkster challenge looks intriguing. I’ve had some good and some bad experiences with those lengthy books. Gonna’ do a reread of Les Mis here soon with me taking some time off for work. I wanna’ take on a different translation. :p

    The rereading challenge is a cool idea, and I can’t believe there wouldn’t be one already existing. You could create one! Though I bet it does take some time to set one up and run it. But yeah, sometimes I stare sadly at my bookshelf which is mostly full of books I loved growing up and just can’t bring myself to get rid of. I just want to have them.

    Reading challenges were fun this year, but I did such a poor job of following them that I probably won’t be signing up for any next year. I did make up a list on GoodReads called “books I want to read in 2013” and I think I’ll just work on those. Lord of the Rings is in there, too! I notice you say you’re planning to read it, have you not before? Should be interesting… my sister gives it mixed reviews. I think I’ll start with The Hobbit, though, since I think it came first and I’m such a stickler for order.

    Good luck with the challenges!

    1. That reminds me, I was meaning to ask you–do you have any recommendations on Les Mis translations? I know it makes a difference with Phantom… I’ll probably end up with whatever my library has, but I wondered if you had strong feelings on preferred translations!

      I have not read Lord of the Rings…I’m a bad fantasy fan! I have read The Hobbit (twice) and quite enjoyed it. LOTR is a bit more to tackle, though!

      1. I’ve only read one translation all the way through. I read the Julie Rose one, and sometimes the language does feel a bit too modern (a complaint I’ve seen around a few times) but overall it’s good and the footnotes are really lifesavers because Hugo tends to allude to things I wouldn’t otherwise know about. I’ve read an abridged Wilbour, and I like that one, too. Fahnestock-MacAfee is pretty ubiquitous and it is this one that I wanted to start reading on my vacation but alas Amazon.com are being buttheads, so I’ll probably just read the full Wilbour. Most people seem to not like Denny too much. (A comparison. From the Rose translation: These were the strings by which he hung onto humanity. From the Wilbour translation: This proved he was human. I mean, very different those two lines!)

        Whatever you do, though, make sure it’s unabridged. I’m not sure a good abridged copy exists. I have a 900-page abridged that I use to look stuff up when I need to, and sometimes what I want to find isn’t in there even though I know it should be. And usually, it’s something good that’s been left out!

  2. I like that Chunkster challenge – I think a lot of people are reluctant to delve into a really long book, even though some of the greatest stories in literature are lengthy reads. Let us know how you do with that!

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