Christmas Round-up of Reviews

Happy Christmas Eve!  I will most likely be watching The Charlie Brown Christmas Special some time today, to put me in the proper mood.  I’ve written about a lot of favorite Christmas movies and stories in the past, so I thought this year I’d do a round-up of past reviews with a Christmas theme.


Sometimes there’s nothing like the classics, and you can’t go wrong with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  So much in it has become so iconic, and it’s a wonderful read–from “Marley was dead” right up to “God bless us every one!”

Not at all a classic, this year I’m rereading The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig, a delightful Regency spy story set at Christmas, with a guest appearance by Jane Austen, featuring a heroine who grows into the role, and a stumbling but well-meaning hero named Turnip.  It’s funny and romantic and very Christmassy.


As mentioned, Charlie Brown is probably at the top of my must-see Christmas movies.  It’s just the most insightful 20-minute cartoon I’ve ever seen.  And a good deal more insightful than many more “impressive” movies!

Next on the list is It’s A Wonderful Life, especially the last hour.  It’s just barely related to Christmas in plot, but much more so in the themes of family and redemption and what really matters in life…beautiful.  So moving.  I don’t always watch the entire movie, but I try to find time to at least watch the last hour.

I covered several movies in a Favorites Friday last year, most notably Holiday Inn and White Christmas.  They’re not quite so insightful, but they’re light and they’re fun in the best tradition of the old musicals.  How can you go wrong with Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”?  And he does–in both movies!  Plus Holiday Inn treats you to proof that Fred Astaire can even stumble gracefully.

I wrote out Christmas card envelopes this year while watching You Can’t Take It With You, which has nothing at all to do with Christmas except for the themes.  It’s another Frank Capra movie with half the cast of It’s a Wonderful Life, including an unrecognizable Lionel Barrymore and a quite recognizable Jimmy Stewart.

I seem to have a shortage of Christmas books!  So–what Christmas books should I be adding to my list?

One thought on “Christmas Round-up of Reviews

  1. You Can’t Take it With You is one of my favorite movies, it is such a great film. As much as I love Its a Wonderful Life, that one is by far my favorite Capra film. Love Stewart and Arthur together in it. And the whole cast is fantastic.

    We watched Charlie Brown Christmas last night while celebrating our Christmas with my daughter’s fiance. Today we’ll watch A Christmas Story and maybe A Muppet Christmas Carol as we do our own family Christmas and tomorrow we’ll get together with the extended family.

    I wish you all the very best this Christmas season. Hope your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are relaxing and special.

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