Sailing For the Stars in 2013

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

13sfexpI’m also looking ahead to January–time for the Sci Fi Experience at Stainless Steel Droppings!  This will be my second year participating, and after the great time I had last year, I’ve been very much looking forward to it.  My plan in 2012 was to read old Star Wars books, new Star Trek books, and Orson Scott Card.

That’s pretty much my plan this year too.  🙂  Plus Edgar Rice Burroughs.

I went through a Star Wars period in middle school, read a lot of books, and then stopped when I got tired of mopping up the last traces of the Empire again.  I remember some books fondly though, and I’ve revisited some of them in 2012.  For the Sci Fi Experience, I specifically want to reread the Callista Trilogy, about a Jedi from the past who gets involved with Luke.

P1020254I have three unread Star Trek books on my shelf that I picked up at a library book sale several months ago, and this looks like the perfect opportunity to read them.  I also want to reread Federation, because it’s been a long time for that one.

I also have the first three books of the Pellucidar series by Edgar Rice Burroughs sitting on my shelf.  It’s the last one of his series that I haven’t read, so I’ll definitely be diving into those–pun intended, since they center around a world at the Earth’s core!

And as to Orson Scott Card, last year I read Ender’s Game and this year I plan to read its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, and then decide if I want to pursue the rest of the series.  Ender’s War (pictured) has both of the first two books, if you’re wondering.

I’m also very excited to join in with the Dragonflight group-read.  It’s a wonderful book I’ve been meaning to reread for a long time.

vintage-sf-badgeThanks to the addition of Burroughs to my plans, I’ve decided to also jump in on the Vintage Science Fiction Month hosted by Andrea at Little Red Reviewer.  The plan there is to read science fiction from pre-1979, and since I’ve got Edgar Rice Burroughs and “Star Trek Lives”-era novels, I seem to be right on track for that one too…

So.  I think that should be enough to be getting started with! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Sailing For the Stars in 2013

      1. Look forward to reading it. ERB is a fun author. I’ve only read a few of the John Carter books and one or two of his stand-alone novels but I’ve enjoyed them.

  1. On the topic of Ender’s Game, I would recommend Ender’s Shadow–it’s the most direct “sequel” of sorts to the whole Ender saga, and I think the best out of the onslaught of sequels. If you like it, the Bean series is worth pursuing for a couple of books, but it gets pretty lame toward the end. (For example, Card released the conclusion to the Bean saga this year in a book so unmemorable to me that I can’t even come up with the title.) I haven’t read Speaker for the Dead in ages, but I remember it more fondly than the other books in that particular trilogy. There’s something about characters in significantly different points in their lives than when we first meet them that makes me a bit anxious.

    1. To me Speaker is the far superior book, especially because Ender’s Game was written because Card had Speaker in mind but needed to get the character established so that the payoff in Speaker would have the impact it needed to. But it is a *close* second, together they are a wonderful one-two reading punch. I’m looking forward to one day reading the other two Ender books and the 4 Bean books…and then maybe the additional Ender and Bean books that have come out since then…and the prequels..and on and on. ‘

      Also, War of Gifts is a little novella set during the time of Ender’s Game that is a really nice seasonal story I would recommend picking up next Christmas if you haven’t already read it.

      1. I remember Speaker “speaking” to me (har!) because of my anthropological interests, but beyond that it’s pretty hazy. At the time, I much preferred Ender’s Game, but then, I was also much younger then. Perhaps I should pick it up again. I haven’t read much of Card’s other work, but I would also suggest Pastwatch, which is about Christopher Columbus.

        1. Isn’t it interesting how time does that with some books? There are some books I’ve read once, decades ago, that I remember very clearly and others I read a year or two ago and liked very much but I could re-read them now and see how I’d forgotten whole parts of the book. It hasn’t been too many years since I first read Ender’s Game and then immediately read Speaker so they are fairly fresh in my mind.

          I haven’t read much of his other work either except the occasional short story and his nonfiction books on writing. I did read Stonefather when that came out and liked it.

          1. Funnily enough, I was just talking about this series this evening, before checking my comments page! I really liked the end of Ender’s Game, which people tell me is the lead-in for Speaker for the Dead, so I’m looking forward to seeing where Card takes it. And then I might explore the rest of the series…there’s quite a lot of volumes! I didn’t know there was a seasonal novella. Now I’m very curious about that…

            The only other Card I’ve read is Enchantment, which is a good modern fairy tale retelling, and wildly different than Ender’s Game!

  2. I was indeed wondering about Ender’s War, so thanks for explaining that. 🙂
    So happy that you are excitedly participating in Andrea’s event and in mine. Star Wars and Star Trek are perfect choices, I plan to visit both universes during this two-month period myself. The new Timothy Zahn Star Wars book comes out the 1st and I have several novels in the Star Trek Vanguard series that I want to get started on (have only read the first). Mary and I started watching Next Generation on Netflix the other day as we were in college when it first aired and only saw the last 3 seasons and a handful of shows scattered throughout the other seasons. It is cheesy early on but still Star Trek and you cannot help but love it. So we’ll do more of that viewing for this event.

    And Burroughs is a great choice too, as is Card.

    1. I asked my friend if I could borrow Speaker for the Dead, and was a little baffled when she first handed me Ender’s War…

      Sounds like you have great plans! I look forward to your reviews. 🙂

    1. Federation was written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. You might know them because they co-wrote a lot of Trek books with William Shatner. I’m not really a fan of those, but I love their other book, Prime Directive. One of my two favorite Star Trek novels.

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