Saturday Snapshot: “Do Sit and Enjoy Life”

Whew–I don’t know about you, but 2013 seems to be starting crazy busy!  With very good things…but BUSY!  So for Saturday Snapshot today, I thought perhaps a few peaceful pictures from one of my favorite places.

You were already guessing Kensington Gardens, right? 🙂




The inscription reads: “Pam Weisweiller was here – do sit and enjoy life”

So this weekend, I hope you take some time to just sit and enjoy life!

13 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: “Do Sit and Enjoy Life”

  1. It IS such a lovely place to stroll and sit to watch the world go by … and yes, it’s important to do some sitting and relaxing, isn’t it? Great reminder!

  2. Lily B

    Wonderful pics of Kensington Gardens–I want to go to London that much more now!!
    And it is excellent advice–mostly taking it this weekend, but I still have to do homework…

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