Saturday Snapshot: Daffodil Season

I get ridiculously happy each year when the daffodils are in bloom.  They aren’t blooming around my neighborhood yet (though I’ve got my eye on some green spikes) but they are back in Safeway’s floral section.  I buy daffodils every week for as long as they’re available, and enjoy them immensely.

Daffodils apparently can symbolize all sorts of different things, but my favorite is as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.  And they’re supposed to be good luck!  For me, they also remind me of my first, life-changing trip to England.  Next time I go back, I plan to go in spring…because it’s off-season for the tourists, and the weather will be decent…and the daffodils will be in bloom!

I don’t have any good pictures of this year’s daffodils yet…but here are a couple riots of daffodils from past years.

Daffodils 1

Daffodils 2

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19 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Daffodil Season

  1. I love daffodils too and have two spots in the garden where bulbs are planted. Try growing some purple grape hyacinths nearby. Gorgeous with the purple and yellow together in spring.

  2. I love daffodils! They should be coming out within the next few weeks here…although the weather’s been so weird lately, who knows? But my favorite flowers all come in the early spring. 🙂

  3. dianem57

    They’re beautiful! I also like all the tulips that come up & bloom in early spring. Both flowers are unique to that season, and so fleeting. Makes them that much more special to see.

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