Saturday Snapshot: Whimsical Wisteria

It must be spring again–the wisteria is back in bloom.  Such a very pretty flower–it’s too bad it lasts so briefly!  I haven’t managed to snap a picture yet this year, but it’s the right season to trot out a few shots from previous springs around my neighborhood…

Wisteria (1)

Wisteria (2)

I don’t suppose there’s anything TOO whimsical about the pictures…but I couldn’t resist the alliteration opportunity!

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12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot: Whimsical Wisteria

  1. I think it’s whimsical and very beautiful! Those are great photos and I can’t wait to see how pretty the wisteria is this year.

    *sigh* And I can’t wait to get some flowers around here!

  2. So beautiful! Whenever I see, or hear, ‘wisteria’, I think of Elizabeth von Arnim’s novel Enchanted April — at the beginning they are tempted by a castle rental advertised “for those who love wisteria & sunshine”….

  3. Brona

    You know that spring has arrived when the wisteria reaches full bloom – stunning!
    (we’re waiting for the Virginia creeper to change colour to know that we’re in the middle in autumn.)

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